They Are Altering My Church Out Of All Recognition – Only a Grain of Sand

Two Dreams: They Are Altering My Church Out Of All Recognition

May 21, 2020
Only A Grain Of Sand

Dream #1
I was in the old church of my childhood neighborhood, in the basement, with my dog on a leash, listening to loud secular music (mis-use of sacred space). The music was an opera on pagan gods and goddesses (further apostasy and blasphemy). Exiting from the rear of the building (again symbolic of entering or exiting the sheepfold, not from the front-gate), I could still hear the loud music filling the air, and proceeded to walk counter-clockwise around the building (negative not positive, satan’s path not God’s). When I turned my gaze to the left (again negative not positive) and saw workmen busy demolishing the church from the inside. They were leaving the outside of the structure standing, but altering the church out of all recognition. I walked around to the front of the church but it was locked (as now in this moment). So I turned right (positive), to exit the property (the old Christian church is finished), and was now in a car driving, heading towards my old family home (Heaven), when out of no where a speeding car (satan, his minions, tricks, machinations) almost side-swiped me. I barely missed a fatal crash, by the attack. Waking up with a start, I went back to sleep.

Dream #2
Was back in the church basement, no dog now, was watching some teenagers in a school class, all girls (the virgins with their oil lamps), in a break from studies. The teacher was out of the room, for a few minutes. I guess I was a monitor (intercessor) When I saw one teenage girl viciously attack another girl unprovoked, by punching her in the face. I immediately went over to them and stopped it by telling the guilty party, “You are coming with me to see the teacher.” (turning our spiritual attacks over to Jesus, laying them at the foot of the Cross). I ushered them both through the other classmates, exiting the large room (the world), went down a hallway (our journey), turned right and spoke to the teacher, who was ministering to many others (many need direction but God has time for all comers). I left it in His Hands, leaving the two girls there (didn’t have to say a word, He knew it all) and proceeded back towards the class, in the large basement room, under the church (the true church is now again in the catacombs as upstairs is locked by a pagan government and back to my job as intercessor). To my shock and great surprise I saw to my right, a file of old men and women walking by (the early Christian saints) who were interceding for us from Heaven), dressed in long robes, some hooded, of their era. I woke-up and then heard “Write it up.”

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