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These Children Will Be Translated

October 6, 2023 3:33 PM

I navigate thru the many children of mine to find those who are ready to take their places. Few have prepared themselves, fully. Even though the workers are few, they will be powerful enough to conquer the enemy. These children will be changed, translated to accomplish the jobs at hand. Together, our work will get many to salvation.

I have joy in my heart when my children listen to the warnings I have put out. I Am in awe of those who spend their time helping others. I appreciate those of my children who spend countless hours with me. I love when I am is given glory. My ears tickle when I hear the prayers of the saints. I have joy when I see a child of mine, who is saved. I love when I see my word being read and I appreciate when a child has faith in me. I Am in all the things you do; I Am with you.

There is much goodness within the souls of my chosen vessels. They are with me daily and make time for me, that is ignored by many of my children. They worry about others instead of themselves. They help others when they can. They may not be able to solve the problems of the world, but they are aware that I Am can. They love me when the chips are down and continue to count on me, none the less.
They stay on the narrow road and when they veer off course, just a little, they recalibrate and get back on the tiny road they have carved out for themselves.
As time moves forward, these are the children that will help many to salvation. Some have volunteered to help when things get to their worse on Earth. My work will be done thru them, helping many find I Am.
They are not interested in recognition or compensation. They are interested in humanity for they have that deep down goodness that lives within them.

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