These Are Days of Retribution – Sabrina Adamo

Message delivered by the Lord to Sabrina Adamo, Argentina.

These are days of retribution … The payment was made .. Counted are those who wait for Me. !!!
Ay ay ay.! Why do they disobey?
Resist my Holy Spirit … Earthquake is coming … columns of smoke are watching and this is the beginning.
Ay ay ay repent! Separating I am the wheat and the tares.

Listen to the warnings:
> Mexico-🇲🇽️ Mexico-🇲🇽️ Mexico-🇲🇽️ .. Ay ay ay .. Mourning!
Do not they understand? They do not want to prepare and I warn them.
The time is fulfilled !!!

> Catastrophic events .. One to one will be given, in different Nations 🌍 All 🌎 will receive My Judgment. !!!

> California🇺🇲️ California 🇺🇲️ Time is. !! Hawaii get ready!
My judgments are on the way.

Daughter apercibete and get ready.
Stand firm on Me I am your rock, your Refuge, your Shelter, your Savior. I am with you, my children.
They are under My wings, My cover, My protection.

Pray, clamor. Be filled every day more of my Holy Spirit. My coming is ready, says the Lord.
………………………………………….. …….
Luke 21:22 For these are days of retribution, that all things that are written may be fulfilled.

Joel 2:30 and I will show wonders in heaven and on earth, blood and fire and columns of smoke

Psalm 62: 2 He is only my rock and my salvation; It is my refuge, I will not slip too much.

Psalm 78:35 and they remembered that God was their refuge.
And the Most High God his redeemer.

Psalm 36: 7 How precious, O God is your mercy!
That is why the children of men shelter under the shadow of your wings.


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