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There is Power in the Speaking of Tongues

July 28, 2020 10:43 AM

Today 7.27.20 I was watching a YouTube video on the Baptism of the Holy Spirit and speaking in tongues. My spirit was grieved and I wept as I watched the video. I believe the Holy Spirit was showing me that the body of Christ needs to utilize and walk in the power of the Baptism of the Holy Spirit and in the power of speaking in tongues.
This message was given 7.3.20.

My will be done on earth as it is in heaven. Judge not lest you be judged. (I believe this was for me).

Daughter My heart grows heavy when I look upon My church. They love Me with a pure love yet they stumble in the dark when it comes to warring and rebuking the enemy and standing up for My sake. Now is the time! Now is the hour of your redemption children! Rise up rise up oh mighty saints of the Most High God! Rise up for your hour has come! Fear not! Be bold as a lion and courageous! Be not afraid of what man can do to the body – rather fear Him who can cast body and soul into the fiery lake.

l will speak on the gift of tongues. It is for My children but few utilize it. THERE IS POWER IN THE SPEAKING OF TONGUES. The enemy cannot understand what is uttered as it is My heavenly language – My secret code if you will. It was meant to block and thwart the enemy from My plans. When you cry out to Me – your prayers, your words ascend to the highest heights and are not intercepted as they would had you spoken in your own language. The evil one knows many languages and dialects for he has been around from the beginning – but he is unaware and in the dark so to speak concerning the heavenly gift of tongues. They are beyond his comprehension. But I understand perfectly what the Ruach HaKodesh is praying through you.

Do not be afraid of this gift children. You will find it a comfort in the dark days. You will cry out to me and your language will become My heavenly language – meaning you will speak in unknown tongues and I will hear you. Speaking in tongues comes from a deep place in your heart. It is your heart speaking to My heart. Do not be afraid children. I have given you many tools to use against the enemy for such a time as this. As evil rises in the world – so too must your gifts rise alongside it. I gave you My Word – the Sword of the Spirit, My Holy Name by whose power the enemy must flee. I gave you My precious blood to plead over all that is precious to you and I gave you the gift of tongues to beseech Me with. These are the tools of your spiritual warfare. Use them wisely. Use them diligently. Use them – for the hour is here.

Your Lord and Savior

Yeshua HaMashiach

The Ruach HaKodesh


Amen and Amen!

Below is an excerpt from the You Tube Video I mentioned earlier – ‘THIS is Why All Believers Should Speak in Tongues’ with Sid Roth and Pastor Todd Smith 7.26.20. I believe it will edify and empower the body of Christ.

Todd Smith: Everybody I know wants to have their prayers answered and everytime we pray in the Holy Spirit we pray the perfect will of God. When I pray in English I only pray what I know. I’m limited. But when I pray in the Holy Spirit the possibilities are endless – because the Spirit of God prays perfectly through me.

Sid Roth: How do you pray for your family using the gift of tongues?

Todd Smith: I don’t know everything that’s going on in my wife’s life. I don’t know what she’s going to face at work. I don’t know what’s going to happen to her when she’s driving down the road nor my children who may be bullied – or there may be someone texting and driving coming down the road. But the Spirit of God knows all things. So the Spirit will move upon us to pray for our people – but if I don’t know how to pray then bad things can happen to my family. So here’s what I do. This is the suggestion that I ask that everybody does.

One – take a picture of your family. Put it on your phone and have it in front of you. The first thing in the morning – for instance my wife, I will have her portrait in front of me and I will pray for three minutes in tongues for her nonstop. One hundred and eighty seconds praying in the Holy Ghost for her. The Spirit of God knows exactly what she’s going to face that day – the evil, the calamity, the good things, the possibilities, the witness opportunities, the Kingdom advances – and I will pray the perfect will of God for her. Then I will turn and I will pray for my son the same way for three minutes. Then I will pray for my next son three minutes in tongues, all right? Now imagine this Sid if that happened in every person and then we also prayed for our pastors in tongues three minutes a day?

Yes imagine how effectual our prayers would be then. Now I hardly pray in tongues – but after watching this video – I was inspired. Pastor Todd Smith’s suggestion to pray in tongues just for three minutes for each family member is certainly doable. Things are coming fast and furious upon this earth – we certainly need all the help we can get. I believe the Holy Spirit is revealing these tools of warfare to equip and empower the saints for the hard times ahead.

Before closing this post – the Holy Spirit gave me a thought. I’m pretty sure the regular subscribers and messengers of this site read each new post that comes up – I know I do. After reading each post – will you consider praying in tongues or just praying for three minutes over each one? Even better – because speaking in tongues doesn’t involve the use of the brain (it is the Holy Spirit taking over your prayer language) – you can actually pray in tongues and read the messages at the same time. I know we all lead busy lives but Jesus told us that it would cost us to follow Him. Based on everything that’s going on in the world maybe it’s time to pick up that cross today.


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  1. Cindy Green

    What an excellent idea to pray over each post. I often try to pray for the sender.

  2. Hannah Silver

    My brothers, speaking in tongues is a gift from, and initiated by, the Holy Spirit. You don’t just take it.

    Many, many Christians do not speak in tongues—not because they are lost, not because they don’t love God, not because they don’t believe in the gifts, not because they have never asked to speak in tongues, not because they are only marginally enthusiastic about our Lord, not because they are lesser brothers and sisters who aren’t reaching their full potential—but because the gift hasn’t been given to them.

    Can we accept that, brothers and sisters? Can we just love one another whether or not we speak in tongues? Would that not be pleasing to the Lord? Goodness gracious, let’s not make the wonderful gifts of the Spirit meant to empower us into a divisive issue which will weaken us! Paul said the same thing in I Corinthians Ch 12-14. Please re-read that and ask the Father to open your mind to its truths.

    I love all of you, my brothers and sisters. As the persecution ramps up, the things that divide us will begin to evaporate. We are ONE in the Spirit. We are the spotless bride of Jesus Christ!

  3. batach7

    what if i can’t pray in tongues–and have been asking for that gift for years, to no avail?

  4. Maria

    This is a wonderful message, a great idea, I will start doing this! May God bless us all!

  5. batach7

    i would love to do this; i think it’s an anointed idea. but i can not speak in tongues–despite praying for this gift, for years.

  6. Kristina M Miller


  7. Celeste

    Amen! I love this post! Our pastor has always prayed for the baptism of the Holy Spirit so that everyone can experience the gift of speaking in tongues. It’s beautiful, i remember praying to God to let me experience such gift and after praying and just saying “hallelujah hallelujah” continuously I felt something supernatural take over my tongue and I was not speaking a human language I was speaking in tongues and I could not stop! That day was wonderful and since then now when I pray, I pray in tongues most of the time. This is available to all believers if you truly want to experience it keep asking the lord and just PRAISE HIM!

  8. HANNAH Silver……
    There is a difference between the gift(manifestation) of the spirit (tongues and interpretation) and speaking in tongues when you receive the holy ghost.
    For those who said you have been seeking the gift of tongues you are in error please,you receive Jesus christ by faith and our Lord promised us that out of us will flow rivers of living waters(john7:38) he can’t lie you know we see for the spectacular instead of the supernatural which works by faith. So if by faith I believe in christ Jesus our Lord and for believing I was sealed with the spirit of promise (God) (ephesians 1:13) and christ said those who believed and are baptisted these are the sign that will follow them in my name they will cast out demons, they will speak in new tongues(mark 16:15-end) because of the holy spirit in you. So you can speak by faith(I have heard and seen testimonies of those who acted the art of faith and they where blessed with the gifts of the spirit more than two gifts) Paul wrote that he who speak in tongues speaks not to men but to God and he edifies himself(builds up himself) 1 Corinthian 14 also he wrote in Romans 8:26 we know not how we ought to pray but the spirit makes intercession with groaning that can’t be utter(which is words that can’t be utter-new tongues) so if the scripture says that we don’t know how we ought to pray and God gave us his spirit to help our weakness why then are you still waiting and God is not answering when he knows that you don’t know how to pray he is not wicked)
    Concerning the gift of tongues it is one of the manifestation of the spirit of God not the praying If you study 1corithians 12,13,&14 you will notice that Paul was addressing the gathering of believers, so can be in perfect order.
    The gift of the spirit (e.g tongues) manifest as the spirit will.
    But the Bible tells us to pray without ceasing and to build our faith by praying in the spirit(1 thessalonians5:16 & jude1:20,Ephesians 6:18), the holy spirit dwells in you bodily what manifestation are you waiting for, God sometimes give you the spectacular so that you can have faith but faith is supernatural and we are supernatural so pray in the spirit by faith.

  9. Sujit

    Here is a link to Glynda Lomax’s testimony about how she began to fluently operate in her heavenly prayer language (also called tongues): I recommend listening to the video.

    And this is a link to her latest post, where she mentions that praying in this fashion is an effective weapon against the enemy’s attacks:

    Encouraging fellow believers to enter into the fullness of all that our Father has made available to us is an act of love. The Lord desires that all the members of his body are edified. He does not love one more because he/she speaks in tongues and another less because he/she doesn’t speak in tongues. And we ought to love each other just as he loves all of us.

    But praying in tongues edifies the believer, and those who don’t operate in it, for whatsoever reason, miss out.

    Therefore, portraying an encouragement to press in and start speaking in tongues as being unloving is simply missing the point.

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