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There Is A Shaking Coming – Tribulation Preparation

There Is A Shaking Coming

March 16, 2021 4:37 PM
Tribulation Preparation


The Lord has advised me to share another word received back in Sept 2020.

The time is short brothers and sisters, we must be prepared. What do you think it is that we must prepare? What does that even mean? Do you know? It means that we must wake up and start living consciously. We must rid ourselves of our pride and let go of all the sin that we hold in our heart. Just because we may look clean on the outside, it doesn’t mean we’re clean on the inside. We must examine our hearts and examine our motives everyday…WE MUST NOT lie to ourselves and we must get right with the Lord. Jesus is coming for His bride very very soon but many are not ready. Do not put off tomorrow what you should do today! You are not promised tomorrow, do not live in it! Live in the day you have been given and then give the Lord all of your tomorrows. No more procrastinating! Do not be lazy, we should be living on purpose with complete awareness of how we act and speak. We are not to be living impulsively, we are not to be living off our emotions. We have a purpose and a job that needs to be fulfilled. We need to stop making careless lazy choices and use careful wisdom when making a decision in ALL aspects of our lives. Gods hand of mercy is being removed in these last days and if you are not following and obeying Him you will experience the result of this. Can’t you see it already? Death, darkness and sickness is all around us. We need to be living in repentance and asking for the forgiveness of our sins everyday. Our focus should be on asking for the forgiveness of our own sins not on the worlds sins. We need purification and atonement with our Lord. We need a new heart and mind. We need to take responsibility for our own sin and actions. Truly examine where your heart is everyday. We need to have self-control. Many people are not maturing in Christ because they do not have self control and they do not listen to their conscience. The holy spirit speaks to us through our conscience. Ask the Lord to open the ears of your conscience. I hope this message blesses you. God Bless you all

Here is the message I received from the Lord back in Sept 2020:

My children are destroyed from lack of knowledge. Because they have rejected and ignored my laws, my mercies will be removed and testings will begin. There will be a great shaking and things will only intensify. Are you prepared for what is to come? The life I created is not painful, the suffering comes from the disobedience and faults of my children. Your afflictions are a consequence of your disobedience. Your afflictions are of your own making. I do not take pleasure in your afflictions. However, I can not change my laws for I am a just God, and I am a God of all that is right and good. I am also a God of mercy, however, mercy is to be earned. My mercies have been taken for granted. My children have compromised my ways to the ways of this world and they have become spoiled and proud. Pride drowns the feeling of humility. The proud are at war with me but the testings that are to come will humble many. Many will see how far their self sufficiency will take them, and they will come to an end of themselves in all humility. It is the humble who are my people, those who acknowledge my laws and who love and obey me. I shall help them to withstand the coming afflictions. I will keep them under my wings. Mercy will be given to the merciful. I have always desired mercy over sacrifice. I love you my children! We will be reunited very soon!


-Yesuha HaMashiach



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