There is a PRICE TO PAY – Victoria Ang

There is a PRICE TO PAY

Victoria Ang


I first want to share ,so that you can more fully understand the dream I will be sharing. ….My calling is a prophet and spiritual sniper. All glory is Gods and I am just a willing servant.

The dreams were given as movie clips to show a story.

In the first dream I found myself slicing up my big black potbelly pig Scarlet. She was lying on this table and almost one half of her side had been removed. And I was flipping her over to slice the other side. But the interesting thing in the dream she was not squealing or in pain which made me feel better.(I was so upset by this dream I woke up immediately and started to pray and was reassured by the Lord he was trying to show me something so I fell back to sleep comforted by knowing all was fine).

The dreams continued and I found myself in a school building . I was at a distance watching these unknown ladies. One of the ladies was planning on purchasing this school building. But I had noticed that in one of the rooms the ceiling was sagging really bad and about to fall in but seemed to be unnoticed by the ladies. For a short period they seemed to notice me but started to whisper and gossip amongst each other about me and kept going down the hallway.

The scene changed and the one woman paid the money for the school building.

The scene changed again and I found myself in an apt where an unknown man was sitting on a couch watching TV . But all around him dogs had pooped on the floor and he didn’t seem to notice.

The scene changed again and I found myself trying to help someone that had been injured.And had climbed this ladder to get the proper meds that were on the top shelf of a cupboard.

The scene changed again and I found myself going down a steep hill. I was close to the bottom of the hill.I noticed my boots were very muddy and dirty. I was made known there was a bus waiting to pick me up to go to another destination. I got to the bus and at the drivers window was both an  unknown man and woman ( represents angels) they looked at my muddy boots (represents those that have worked hard and labored much for Gods Kingdom)and said” We welcome ALL those with REAL MUDDY BOOTS “!! I got into the bus and there was only a few unknown people in this bus but ALL had muddy boots. I walked further on the bus and saw a unknown man and young child. I found an empty seat next to them and sat down. I raised my feet slightly to stretch out as in a resting position. The bus started to move forward to take off and the dream ended.

Interpretation :

MUCH physical damage has been done to the enemy in the spiritual realm through those the Lord has used for his Kingdom.

There is a PRICE TO PAY for those that keep going their own way and NOT LEARNING the LESSONS being taught.Those that continue to ACTIVELY live in sin and don’t care about the lives of others.The “roof is about to cave in on them”! And they will suffer the consequences and PAY THE PRICE.
Some are still oblivious to what is going on around them living in their own little world. When ALL around them things are in deep poo! And they just ignore what is occurring or distracted by other things in life.

There are “SOME” that have gone to GREAT LENGTHS and DISTANCE to help others and will be rewarded.

ALL THOSE THAT HAVE PUT IN THE WORK AND EFFORT FOR OTHERS will soon be leaving and under the protection of Gods angels to bring in the final harvest in the TRANSFORMATION !!!! ❤️❤️❤️❤️😍

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