Doug MacCallum


February 9, 2017

I received the following word [from God] during my devotional time this morning:

“There is a judgment coming to My Household. This judgment is to sanctify My Name among My People.

“What irony! Why would I need My Name sanctified in My People? Because within My Household there are vessels of honor AND dishonor. My Patience is long, but not eternal concerning the sin in My House. I AM a Righteous God. I AM a Holy God and I require My People, the Temple of My Spirit, to be Holy and sanctified before Me.

“There is a great lack of discernment in My Church. Many do not discern themselves or other members of the body of Christ. The Bride will be without spot or wrinkle. I have called Her to make Herself ready for the Great Wedding to My Son. This judgment is to further separate those who are not willing to be made ready from those who are willing. Greater judgments are coming to those wayward sheep. There will be more sickness, more turmoil, and more premature death among those who do not heed My Word or My warnings.

“Where is the fear of My Name in My Church?! Because I have not acted and judged these wandering sheep in the past, they live as if My warnings are foolishness and lies. How is this response different than My people in Israel in times gone by? Doesn’t My Word tell you the things noted in the ancient writings are examples for you My People, today?

“There is a limit to what I can endure among My Household. Judgment must begin first there, before it falls on the wicked. Jesus told the story of the master who left his household for a season. It was then that folly came into his house, BUT He did return and He dealt with the problems. I AM about to come again into My House. For those, whose hearts are right before Me, there is nothing to fear. I AM going to reward those vessels of honor with My very Self! My Glory, Power, Love, and the Great Fruits of My Spirit will be poured out and in these precious ones for all the world to see. For it is through these vessels that I will be feared, honored, and glorified! That has been My Plan since before time.

“My Name has been minimized long enough. What fellowship does darkness have with My True Light? How can idols dwell in the same house as My Holy Spirit? Come out, come out from among the filth of the wicked one. If you will not sanctify yourselves, then you will endure My purifying fire, for good or for evil.

“I desire that all would be saved. These judgments on My House are to keep many from eternal judgment. Those taken early will forfeit great rewards for not obeying Me, but their soul will be saved. There are those [others], and I grieve to see it, whose hearts will harden even more when My rod of discipline falls on them, to the point of fully rejecting Me and all they once had. Pray and cry out to Me that you will not be in that company. Discern yourselves correctly. Allow Me to search and try you, for all that I do is out of My great love for you. This cleansing of My House must precede the coming judgment on the wicked. I will have a Holy People who will say and do all that I tell them in the days ahead, for the needs will be great in that hour. I will commune and be one with My people who partake of My Son’s flesh and blood in a worthy manner. The vessels of dishonor, who partake unworthily, will be punished.

“And [from] the wicked, who reject the sacrifice of My dear Son, will I require their flesh and their blood to cleanse the earth of their unforgiven wickedness, for the earth and all of My Creation cry out to be set free from the bondage of mankind’s sin. This is the final sacrifice I require.”

Scripture References:
Joshua 6 and 7
1 Corinthians 11:18-34
Acts 5:1-11
Hebrews 12

Doug MacCallum


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