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There are trillions of them! – Adam Steiger

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There are trillions of them!

September 21, 2023 8:10 AM
Adam Steiger

Hello again, 444 News.

What I have to share, this time, is a dream warfare testimony concerning just how many demons we’re up against.

(Perhaps that question has entered a believer’s head a time or two?)

God gives interpretations to dreams (ref. Genesis 40:8 & Daniel 1:17), and both the second chapters of Joel and Acts state that, in the last days, God shall pour out His Spirit upon all flesh: and your sons and your daughters shall prophesy, and your young men shall see visions, and your old men shall dream dreams. I just wanted to share these passages as a reminder that God never changes (Malachi 3:6) and still uses dreams, etc. as a means of communicating with His sons and daughters.

So, with that said, here is the testimony.

In this part of my dream, I was suddenly the main character from the video game Doom, and I was in placed in, what appeared to be, the middle of this nighttime highway battle map filled with demons, and was immediately in battle.

[Note: if you’re wondering why my dream is about the video game Doom, and how that lines up with Scripture, there are many parallel passages in the Bible where God states that He judges us according to our ways. I, myself, admit, that I used to love playing Doom, and other video games (and still watch them online, at times) so I believe the Lord uses this as a means of both rightly judging me, as well working all things together for my good.

God can, literally, use ANY aspect of our lives as a means of communicating spiritual messages and realities in our dreams. What we do, and what we’ve done and experienced, in our everyday lives, are usually things which show up in our dreams. This is why the Holy Spirit is needed to help us understand!]

In this battle map, I began backing away while targeting a particular demon type (in the likeness of Doom enemies) with this sniper rifle/bow like weapon. My weapon then changed, as I turned left and became immersed in advancing demons. Close to dying, I then began willing an invulnerability power-up for my character (a real in-game item which grants temporary invincibility), while also willing other power-ups, such as armor and the game’s most powerful weapon: an energy weapon which can destroy a small roomful of enemies in a single shot.

I also willed an auto “rapid fire” upgrade for this gun.

Sometime during this, a voice shouted out to me to leave the area…but I ignored it, in favor of wanting to destroy as many demons as I could.

Heading up a portion of darkened highway, I was blasting and destroying a large group of rank and file Doom-like enemies in front of me (in a formation of at least 6-8, and over a dozen ranks back), when I then veered left off the road and began attacking another cluster of demons, in similar formation.

There were, literally, demons EVERYWHERE. And far exceeding any number amount that the normal game could offer (including game mods which could increase the monster amount).

Now, this next part is tough for me to put into words (it’s something that could be better put into pictures), but, as I was attacking and whittling away at this rank-and-file group of demons…I noticed something bizarre.

Directly underneath them, I noticed other ranks of demons directly underneath them, one after the other.

Like layers of rock exposed by an archaeologist, there were literal layers of demons underneath the ones I was battling, above ground; no dirt or material, at all, acting as a floor. No.

The encompassing layers of demon hordes, themselves, were the floors.

And I could see no obvious end to this: either in front of me, or off to the left.

The Holy Spirit’s Voice then said to me in my mind:

“Adam, there are trillions of them!”

I fled not long after this…and eventually ended up in a part of the map which contained daylight, and only a few enemies. After some brief fighting, the dream ended, not long after.


So, brothers and sisters, there you have it.

If you even fathom, the amount of demons under the devil’s command is in the range of trillions. Or 1,000,000,000,000’s.

This should not scare or deter you, though.

If God can use my spirit man to blast away at them, with no fear — then imagine what He can do with you, and others, when we operate as one in Him?

In closing, I confess, in my weakness, that I am very curious in these kinds of details. So, I believe it to be right to share when God (in His grace and mercy) answers these questions for me, and in ways I can readily understand.


May God ready us for the end times.

Photos courtesy Depositphotos


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