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The wrecking ball – Caroline Diadem

The wrecking ball

Sep 18, 2019
Caroline Diadem

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hi friends how’s everybody and I only
have a couple of just wanted to small
things to share but I just wanted to
come on really I just had to come across
a video about Benny Hinn and confess it
well some what they say confessing about
or changing his doctrine of prosperity
and I saw on there recently and I just
wanted to make just let you know about a
word that I had received about the
prosperity gospel I had received it and
last year and you can have a look at my
video there I have it up there but I’m
just going to read off some of it that
the Lord had shared with me concerning
this because um I used to listen to
Benny Hinn and Mike murdocka and Jesse
Duplantis and a few others and what it
disturbed me when I heard that they were
still living in you know very
extravagant houses and mansions and all
this and then I came across one time
when I was researching I just happened
to come across kind of like reports of
these churches and like in networks like
I and I was one of them that was
definitely one of them that I saw
inspirational network and these people
are treated they are listed as CEOs of
their companies you know and I just I
just thought that was kind of shocked
and really I thought that was so wrong I
thought like if you’re working for the
Lord Jesus Christ as the CEO I mean that
should be obvious you know and then just
to exploit you know people that have
some peace some of these people haven’t
got food to put on the table and they’re
exploiting their money and then what
caste hen had revealed about Benny Hinn
and the extravagance I thought oh my
gosh that’s just like it’s sinful extort
it’s extortion that’s what it is I mean
let’s be honest you know it’s nothing
less than that and when you’re in
ministry we have to be so careful about
money and anyway do you know what I’m
gonna do I
just gonna read a piece of this word
that I got from the Lord concerning that
very issue and actually at the time I
thought was very strong and I was
actually afraid to put it up online so I
held back a little bit but um but I knew
the word was from the Lord so I did and
it actually put me right after the
American prosperity gospel and I
wouldn’t listen to any of them anymore
it just I got afraid
actually when I read this word I got
afraid and I thought I don’t want to be
partner to that kind of mint doctrine
anymore so I actually came right off I
had been away from it for not for a few
years any about five years six years but
that really was that
you know nail on the coffin for me when
I got this word so I’m gonna read it to
you it’s not as long as it was is is on
my video that I have you’ll see it’s the
prosperity message and but I read from
here the world is being destroyed
because of sin you see now yeah the
world has been destroyed because of sin
and it’s drawing onto itself the
judgments of God the secret sins are
being judged to for you never sought me
you never inquired of me says the Lord
what you allowed wickedness to go
unchecked while the church slept
sorcerers and witches prospered in their
magic arts and you yourselves felt
captive to bondage when you should have
been inquiring of me I will call you all
to account there is no excuse I sent you
my word but you twisted it to your own
benefit you preached corruption and not
my truth your time has come
yet this season has changed you will be
judged you neglected me and now you will
see my true colors now you will see who
you are dealing with you will no longer
blaspheming my name abroad with your
fancy rings watches and clothes your
fancy cars and jets masquerading as
Angels of Light but you are Secret
Devils hmm charismatic Devils is what I
call you Christianity is so far far
removed from you you have destroyed many
of my sheep I hold you to account I am
furious at you did you not know that I
am a god of Wrath also you despise me
and how you treated my children you
drove them into the wilderness instead
of bringing them to a place of safety
come out come out from among them my
children they are blind guides leading
you to destruction come out of them they
will go down like Korah do not remain
near their tents and then hear I said I
feel God saying this continuation if a
pastor began to love money more than me
he should have gone back into the
marketplace rather than corrupt my
church and my people they bring greater
judgments on to themselves for
destroying the spiritual lives of my
children through their greed the
prosperity of my church is always for
the increase of souls in unto my kingdom
it is for outreach and to help the poor
and needy orphans and widows instead my
people have robbed the most destitute of
society to spend it under extravagant
lifestyles these are people that can’t
put food on their table sheep led by
sheep are led into ditches these pastors
were never of me the blind leading the
blind stay separate stay pure my gospel
hat was never one of wealth and money
but to the saving of souls throw those
teachings in the trash so that was the
message I actually got from the Lord
concerning and the prosperity prosperity
gospel and and I had I didn’t even know
really about Benny Hinn’s lifestyle
until caste Hin you can have a look at
his video there just you can just put it
in there
he exposed the extravagance of Benny
Hinn’s lifestyle to the point where he
said that they used to stay in these top
hotels and one was at a hotel in Bahrain
where they that it was $25,000 are nice
and nice imagine unbelievable honestly
there’s no fear regarding these people
how could you how could you do that I
mean seriously what a joke
what a joke anyway if Benny Hinn or any
of these prosperity teachers are
listening to this I love Benny Hinn love
Mike Murdock I love all these people I
really listen to them Allah I love their
teaching not the prosperity side of it
but I love their teaching but honestly
you’re in danger by by by exploiting
God’s people serious danger you’re
exploiting the people and children of
God as for Benny Hinn he’s changing you
know he’s not using these gimmicks he
says anymore these prosperity gimmicks
but seriously he needs to repent of the
extravagance of a you know using
extortion you know of the people of God
I mean and I know it’s it’s also the the
network’s the Christian networks are all
entities that’s why I just absolutely
stopped watching Christian TV because
when I saw what was going on this CEO
crack there’s none of these CEOs you
know none of none of you are CEOs on the
network on the you know or if you are
you are your CEOs of your own businesses
that’s what it boils down to but if
Jesus isn’t the CEO of your ministry if
he’s not the Lord of lords and King of
Kings in your ministry there’s a serious
problem that’s all I’ll say about that
anyway I did receive one message and I
received two small things I haven’t
received a lot from the Lord recently
it’s been really quiet I felt like the
Lord just has me kind of on a resting
place I’ve just kind of come away from a
lot of the endtime stuff just for a
while and I’ve just been having a
just enjoy my my relationship with the
Lord and and stuff like that but you
know for a few weeks that’s really what
was going on with me and but obviously I
still I still know that we’re in the end
of Ages and end of times and all that
but I just want to just share this with
you there 30th of August just recently I
woke up in the morning and I heard very
clearly police states and then I felt
the Lord saying to me the immigrants
will be used as soldiers to enforce a
police state in the USA and so it was
what I thought God saying to me and he
encouraged me the Lord with Sam 40
encouraged me and he was just saying I
just felt the Lord thanking me for
sharing his words with with people you
know so then on the 10th of September
just recently I just received this I was
praying yesterday morning and I saw a
tower that was built it was built an
idolatry I felt I felt God call it an
evil empire but it was Christian it was
a false Christian empire I saw a
wrecking ball coming to smash it down
God is going to smash down the idolatry
in the church I then saw a vision of
snow coming it was very cold I saw a lot
of snow coming so be ready for I believe
the Lord is showing me there’s gonna be
unusual weather coming and yeah so that
was amazing then shortly after that I
came across this video about Benny Hinn
and his confessions but honestly they’re
not confessions he’s just simply stating
he’s not using gimmicks for a prosperity
anymore but obviously with them caste
and having exposed him that lands him in
a very precarious situation because you
know word spreads fast on the on the
internet and he’s probably come under
you know probably probably heavy
I’m judgment over those things so he’s
probably trying to cover up or cam it
all down and make it all sweet again so
he can go on with his lifestyle sorry
that’s just not the way it goes you have
to repent before God’s people and say
you were completely wrong and that you
robbed the children of God that’s that’s
really what it boils down to and so
unless we see fruits of repentance
people don’t believe it
Jesus said by their fruits you will know
them I’ve been in many churches where
they all talk the talk it’s fabulous
it’s sweet is wonderful but the fruits
of the their lifestyles whole different
whole different story you you meet them
in your house on your own and they have
something to say to you behind closed
out doors it’s a different story I’ve
experienced it firsthand so be careful
and so that’s it my friends I’ll come
back again soon there was a bit of a
teaching that I just want to share with
you that the Lord showed me that’s very
interesting so I might get back on and
do that fairly soon
god bless you we’ll keep praying keep
looking up to for the return of the Lord
Jesus Christ god bless you


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