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“The Wrath of the Lord is at hand” – Sue Piccini

By Sue Piccini
May 2, 2019

Luke 18:8
“ I tell you that he will avenge them speedily. Nevertheless, when the Son of Man comes, will He really find faith on the earth?”

“ My Children who know Me now are faithful and are awake and know the season that they are living in. They will soon be with Me.”

“Listen to My words and hear the voice of the Lord calling out to all of the people who are still sleeping. My desire for all who are still unaware of all the things that are happening around them, the signs that I have given to the whole earth, that disaster is and chaos is upon them is evading them and they are giving these signs many different names. The truth is passing them by, but they are deaf, dumb and blind to the truth, as they are being deceived by the Evil One, and they are allowing themselves to be deceived by the hardening of their hearts toward a Loving and Caring God.

The Wrath of the Lord is at hand and the threat of wars, the rumors of wars, is about to become reality. The many natural disasters are about to become much worse and the killing of the innocent will continue as the Evil One continues to plant his evil seeds in the hearts of many. The time is NOW people, to come to the only one who can truly save you and My Name is Jesus. Open your hearts and your eyes to the reality you are living in and come to Me NOW, for I am the only one who can save you from the fate of Eternal destruction.

My many warnings and pleadings for your Salvation from My Watchers will soon come to an end and then it will be up to you and you alone to find Me. The time of the End is swiftly approaching, so listen to this message and COME TO ME NOW!!”

Yeshua Ha Mashiach Reigns!!

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