May 18, 2020 1:55 PM

Way Back The LORD Called Me By My Name ln The Voice Of His Splendor He Said

“You Will Not Believe What ls Coming”

The Way He Said It Makes Me Shiver When He Said It Then.

But On 5/18 /20 l received this message

The World Will Soon Be Under Seige
(Seige-- An Act Of Surrounding And Attacking A Fortified Places ln Such A Way To Chock Them lnto Submission)

The World ls About To Be Strangled And Chocked lnto Submission By The Four Horse Men Of Revelation.

The Tighten Of The Noose Will Be ln Two Stages

  1. The Coronavirus Will Mutate,
    With Time lt Will Go Airborne.
    —- The News Of The Virus going Airborne Will At First Will Be Hush-Hush News.
  2. On Hearing The News People Will Panicked –The Populace Will Besiege The Groceries Stores, lt Will Be A Duel Of The Fittest.
  3. Soon After, Food Supply Chain Line Will Be Disrupted. Then It Will Be Mayhem Galore.
  4. Finally When The Virus Goes Airborne, The People Of This World At This Time Will Stay At Home With Fear And Trembling.

— Because The Four Horse Men Of Revelation Will Be Roving Killing The Unrepentant.

[Readers:- Please Read A A Allen Prophecy, lt was also given to Him For Confirmation Years Ago ]

The Antidote To Death, Panick And Fear ls REPENTANCE

The Repentant Are The LORD’S Treasure Possession. They Will Be Proctected





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  1. Brother in Christ

    I’m so tired of these prophecies can we get to the chaos and dying already. It’s like everyone just keeps write the same old stuff, we get it famine war death please come kill me god

  2. Deborah

    RUACH TOUCH, calm Him,YOUR precious Child in JESUS name …so be it

  3. Brother ln Christ/Messiah Fear Not!

    If You are so Frightful of the Upheaval Of The Virus And Ready to throw ln the Towel

    What Will You Do When Anti-Christ Comes

    Will You just give up and take the Mark Of The Beast?

    Will You betray The LORD?

    The LORD Never Gave Up On The Way To Calvary For Your Sake And My Sake.

    Blessings Be Strong ln The LORD

    If The LORD Is With You
    What Or Who Can Be Against You.

    Your Brother ln The LORD

  4. Brother InThe LORD

    Fear Not

    If You are So Fearful of The Virus

    What Will You Do When Anti-Christ Comes?

    Will You Just Give and take the Mark Of The beast ?

    When Anti-Christ Comes
    He Will Drag you the edge of Your existence despite your resistance.

    If The LORD Is With You What Can Virus Or Man Do To You.



  5. Rita

    If whoever wrote this, would read previous postings and realize that this so-called Corona Virus is a HOAX

  6. Daniel Noah

    I.D. 2020, right on time…’they’ think our God is an absent landlord and ‘they’ can do anything ‘they’ want…with impunity. Fauci giving masonic symbols all over the place…A 444 Prophecy , stated that Trump already took the mark/3rd strand of Nephilim DNA…Trump wants to use the military to ‘help’ get the vaccines out. The ‘vaccine,’ was ready last year…airborne is their guarantee of full compliance this fall. Ah, but Jesus has His planned surprise…Isaiah 61;10 ‘ I delight greatly in the Lord; my soul rejoices in my God For He has clothed me with garments of salvation and arrayed me in a robe of righteousness, as a bridegroom adorns his head like a preist, and as a bride adorns herself with her jewels…A segment from this rapture ready Bride, will stay on the earth for a short time… Isaiah 60:1-2 ” Arise, shine, for your light has come, and the glory of the Lord rises upon you.” V.2 See, darkness covers the earth and thick darkness is over the peoples, but the Lord rises upon you and His glory appears over you.” We will do ‘The Greater Works’ Jesus spoke of. After a brief tutorial from Jesus, we will circumvent the earth in glorified eternal bodies, impervious to the machinations and physics of this world…we will bring down the physics of heaven, which means, that when we speak ‘it’ in Jesus’ name, we will empty out hospitals…creative miracles in Jesus’ name. These miracles will confirm Jesus. After we go back up to heaven, martyrs will have the faith to not accept the mark of the beast. Vaccine/mark, a 2 for one shot. In the earth’s hour of decision, we will bring down the atmosphere of heaven… Daniel IHS

  7. Daniel Noah

    Rita: The virus is real. The numbers are fudged, to make it appear more deadly than it is. Hospitals, receive more money if they say Corona virus casualty, as opposed to just the flu. The Hong Kong flu, from 1968, killed 100,000, and the Gov’t closed…NOTHING! Woodstock, with 500,000 attendees, was allowed. COVID, was a way to sell the mark of the beast and make it mandatory.

  8. Catherine

    Rita, excuse me, this virus ir real and deadly for thousand of people but the next one will be much deadlier. Didn’t God say, plagues are coming and they will go from country to country, because of our sins?
    Are you serious?

  9. Rita

    Excuse me Catherine, but this VIRUS is a HOAX!!!!!

    May 5, 2020- Italy Knows It’s A Hoax!!! Leader Screams “Stop Lying” I Have The True Numbers

    (Actual video from the one above)

  10. Rita

    May 6, 2020 – “Smoking Gun PROOF CBS & Clinic FAKED Footage To Stoke FEAR & Drive Testing Demand”

  11. Rita

    May 6, 2020- “Smoking Gun PROOF CBS & Clinic FAKED Footage To Stoke FEAR & Drive Testing Demand”


  12. Rita

    May 4, 2020- “New York Hospital Corona Whistleblower Nicole Sirotek Gets Her Story Published In The New York Post”

    Stricken coronavirus nurse: ‘Gross negligence’ has patients dying at NYC hospitals


    (They are killing patients intentially!!! Other Doctors & Nurses are coming forth admitting that this so-called Corona Viris is FAKE! Funeral Home Directors are saying ALL Deaths are Classified as CV! )

    WAKE UP !!!!!

  13. Rita


    C= 03
    O = 15
    R = 18
    O = 15
    N = 14
    A = 01
    ….66 (Total)
    6 …… .(#of Corona letters)
    ..666 (Mark of the Beast)

    Corona in the basic form of Numerology Gematria is 666
    The “Coronavirus Vaccine/ID2020” – is the “Mark of the Beast”

    Number “19” – Strong’s Concordance

    ibchah: slaughter
    Original Word: אִבְחָה
    Part of Speech: Noun Feminine
    Transliteration: ibchah
    Phonetic Spelling: (ib-khaw’)
    Definition: slaughter
    Revelation 6:2 – And I saw, and behold a white horse: and he that sat on him had a bow; and a “CROWN” was given unto him: and he went forth conquering, and to conquer.
    co·ro·na (meaning)
- a part of the body resembling or likened to a “CROWN”

  14. Rita

    May 19, 2020 – “I Wonder What These Are For?”
    (EMS Innovations Inc. – Cardboard Body Disaster Casket – notice the Pharmaceutical Symbol on the Casket)

    “The Box Company my husband works for just got a Government Contract about
    3 weeks ago to start making 7,500 to 8,500 huge CARDBOARD COFFINS a week, EVERY WEEK TILL FURTHER NOTICE. They’ll hold up to a 6′ 3″ body!”


  15. Rita

    This so-called fake Corona Virus is being used to:

    1. To Usher in the New World Order & antichrist
    2. To Microchip the people (disguised as a Vaccine, ID2020, Mark of the Beast, 666)
    3. To Depopulate this earth (Georgia Guidestones, Bill Gates – through Vaccines)

    Etc, etc

  16. Catherine

    Rita, my bible says nothing about Bill Gates or Georgia Guidestones but she says a lot about sin.

  17. Rita

    @Catherine, The Bible doesn’t mention the Illuminati, Vaccines, Martial Law, Event 201, ID2020 either. So what’s your point????

    “Illuminati Fulfilling Bible Prophecy”

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