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The World at a Cross Road!!!

Dec 19, 2019 2:53 PM

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  1. Ireland Marie Johansson

    This is a prophecy concerning the biotechnology companies being behind the live-birth abortion industry. (Along with the Satanists.)

    Live beating hearts have been taken from live-birth aborted babies and sent to Stanford University for experiments.

    This news, which would have shaken even Dr. Mengele, came out at the infamous trial recently in San Francisco. Two journalists working undercover revealed these experiments. The journalists, instead of being given the Congressional Medal of Honor by our government, were sentenced by the court to a horrible punishment which included a multi-million dollar fine.

    The flood in the dream is the coming Tsunami to the United States, both to the East Coast and West Coast, in order to judge the nation for this (and other gross) wickedness. The New Madrid Fault will erupt near St. Louis. The Great Lakes and Mississippi will put much of the U.S. farmland underwater.

    American Famine.

    American Tsunami(s).

    As we have done to the unborn, so too will it be done to the United States.

    As we have done to Yemen, Syria, Afghanistan, Iraq, Libya – so too shall it be done to the United States.

  2. Paul Chastain

    I have known since the day the government took down the world trade center that America was under God’s hand of judgement. I have just been waiting for it to come.

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