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The Witness and Wisdom Dream

April 29, 2024 6:37 PM
Solitary Man


Last night I dreamed that I was walking down main street in the small town I grew up in. I was walking in winter, on main street but in the opposite direction, away from the main business center. There was snow on the ground. I had a couple companions with me, people who I knew, but I cannot recall who they were.

As I was walking, for some reason I climbed over a fence into someone’s yard. I actually felt myself falling, but landed safely inside someone’s house, and not in their yard, as I expected. I landed in slow motion, as if riding a cushion of air. I was not sure why I was led to go there. The occupants came home and found me there, but were not really upset that I was present.

When I got back on the sidewalk, I looked and I was supposed to have some slip on covers over my winter boots. I could not see the cover for my left boot, and I presumed that it fell off in the house I was just in. I wanted to go back but my two companions talked me to go and visit the old hardware store on the other side of the street, where the owner of many years would be available to ask any questions that I wanted to ask.

As I began walking, I noticed that my slip on cover for my left boot was actually present, but was hidden and stuck underneath my boot. I fixed it up and went into the store, where I began to speak to the owner, who had ran the store all the time that i had grown up there.

I cannot remember what we talked about, or what I asked. I may of been asking about some information about an old cemetery, located somewhere nearby, but in this I am not sure. Then I woke up.

What I perceive from this dream is as follows: Walking away from the main street of my hometown indicates that God does not want us to remain in old, familiar places. Especially in the context of this imagery, where my footwear seemed to play such a predominant role. It reminded me of the passage where our feet are to be shod with the preparation of the gospel of peace (Eph 6:15). The slipcovers over my regular footwear symbolizes that the readiness to share the gospel should take precedence over any normal, day to day task that we are engaged in. The fact that I was walking away from the main part of the town I was the most familiar with, represents the fact that often God will send us away from all that is familiar, as those whom we grew up with are usually the least likely to accept our testimony (see Mk 6:4).

Being led to enter a strange house, and not knowing how or why I ended up there, represents how God will lead us by the Spirit to certain people, and not by our own understanding. The fact that the people there were not alarmed to see a stranger in their house represents the openness of those whom God will lead you to witness to.

I stepped over the fence and felt myself falling. I had expected to step on solid ground, but instead there was no ground under me. This tempted me to fear, but my fall sort of occurred in slow motion, until I safely touched ground not inside the yard, but inside the house. This indicates that God wants us to get off the fence and step out in faith. Initially, it may look like you have done a dangerous thing, but we are to trust that God will safely land us exactly where we are to go.

The missing slipcover on my left boot, and the alarm I felt over it, represents the continual concern that we should have over the lost. I could not rest until I found that slipcover once again. This indicates the seeking of God for that burden for souls that we should pursue. The fact that I discovered that the slipcover was really always there with me, just temporarily hidden, represents the fact that the Holy Spirit is eternally with us, and that Jesus will never leave or forsake us, it just may appear for a season that he is hidden (Jn 14:26-28, 15:26-27, Eph 1:13-14, Heb 13:5).

The key to the last part of the dream is the lack of memory. I cannot recall who the two companions were, nor the content of the conversation with the old, familiar shopkeeper. I believe the companions represent those people in our life that, innocently or not, try to hold us back from heading out in the new direction God wants us to go. They kept urging me to go visit the old shopkeeper, who had been around forever. That shopkeeper represented the wisdom of the world. Having the appearance of wisdom, yet providing nothing of eternal value, due to the fact that I could not recall anything that was said. The only impression I retained of the conversation was one of cemeteries, indicating that the wisdom of this world only leads to death, not life (1 Cor 1:19-20, 2:6,13, 3:19, Jam 3:15).

We need not go to the ‘worldly wise’ for counsel, nor listen to those fair weather friends who are urging us to do so. Those are all destined to be forgotten, having no eternal value whatsoever.

Remember that God will often lead you away from the familiar and the worldly. He wants you to always remember that the continual purpose of our lives is to be a witness for Him. If we think we’re not called to evangelize, or somehow don’t have he anointing for it, remember the ability is there, it just may be hidden from your sight, as that slipcover was. Seek God in the prayer closet and in the word, and you will find the calling and the ability to testify. Just remember to steer clear of the worldly wise, no matter what form they take, and be willing to walk away from what is familiar, if led to do so.

Scripture References:

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Jas 3:15 This wisdom descendeth not from above, but is earthly, sensual, devilish.

Solitary Man


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