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Carla Smith
Sunday, September 30, 2018

The Wise Will Know

September 29, 2018


My timing is perfect, My ways are perfect, no man knows lest it be revealed by My Father what will happen in “completion upon the earth” … Man has for the most part, played the harlot, allowing idols in their hearts and minds over obeying My Holy Spirit … Why must this be? My ways are much higher and I care for My children with an everlasting love, a love so strong, I chose to die for all.

The change that will fall upon mankind, will in “one moment” alter everything and nothing will be the same … My mercy is found both before and after this event … The wise will know before and take advantage of filling their lamps with the oil of My Spirit and the foolish will stumble because they lack wisdom … Which side will you be on? Have you ask Me for Wisdom? Have you sought Me for direction?

I tell you now that hard and terrible events will cause change that is beyond mans ability to truly prepare unless they abide in Me.

Prepare your hearts, prepare your minds in My Spirit, because without My Holy Spirit directing you, you will walk in fear and terror … Prepare your hearts in My Word … Store up My council in prayer … Train yourselves to hear My voice in prayer … Train yourselves to pay attention to the smallest details in prayer.

It’s My hand that guides you into safety … I have every detail worked out for your life … Those who choose to follow Me will be used greatly in My harvest.

Thank You Yeshua (Jesus) for this Word … I love You.

Psalm 103:17 Matthew 25: 1-13 Romans 5:8

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