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The winnowing fork is in my hand – Robin Pease

The winnowing fork is in my hand

Robin Pease

I started hearing “The winnowing fork is in my hand” last night as I was almost asleep. It repeated until I sat down with the Lord this morning to hear what He had to say:

“Daughter write this. My time has come to thresh the grain. I will remove the chaff with my winnowing fork just as with wheat, to separate it.

My harvesters are ready, they will thrust the sickle and gather the wheat- they will also gather the tares to be burned. My time is at hand.

You have been warned- I will warn no more. I will act on behalf of my children to recompense the evil done in my sight. Many abominations are now celebrated and encouraged- your nation has led the way to filth and greed. I will repay. You have turned your backs and rejected the freedom you could have through my Son!

Should I not punish a wicked nation such as this? My time has come and who can stand? Pray you are counted worthy for you shall be spared.

The time of grace has not been well spent. It has been wasted by most. They have used this time to endulge in worldly pleasure and they believe I smile upon this “freedom” when in fact they are in bondage to the world. I have called them out to be separate but they have refused, so now my hand will separate them and they will not be spared because they have rejected me- they have chosen the world.

Preparations will prove invaluable as systems crumble. Do not look to man to help you. Everyone will be looking to seek their own. Trust no one but Me and My Spirit. I will lead.

The chaff will blow away from the wheat- It will not be spared. It is worthless. I cannot use it.

Matthew 3:12 “His winnowing fork is in His hand, and He will clear His threshing floor, gathering His wheat into the barn and burning up the chaff with unquenchable fire.”

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