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THE WINE OF MADNESS – Olasubomi Williams

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January 31, 2024 7:49 PM
Olasubomi Williams

Jeremiah 13:12-27

Words of YAH
The whole world will be filled with wine. Thus saith the lord of hosts YAH. The whole world will reel like a drunkard and be confused. War shall come upon every nation. It will be catastrophic. I will not relent on this. It must happen to wake many of my sleeping children who still refuses to listen to my instructions. I will shake the balance of the world. The first will be the last and the last, first. I will demolish every altar that exhalts itself against me. I YAH will bring all these things to pass. Many nations will go to war. Many nations will be forced to go to war even if they do not want to. Only the nations who are willing to humble themselves before me and follow my ordinances and my laws will I preserve but even those will feel the blowback of these wars. World war 3 will be unlike any wars that has ever existed. The red horse will fill the earth with spiritual madness. Much bloodshed, much chaos, civil wars, wars between nations, wars between the government and it’s people, war from other countries invading the land. All types of war will be waged in this endtimes you are in. When the kickoff event starts, everything will go out of order. The ropes that is holding up the line will swing to and fro and anyone caught in it’s wind will end up dead. Mass hysteria, mass panic. Turn to me now so that I can give you peace amidst the storms. America, this war will tire you out and you will lose to your enemies. Let your governors and leaders sit down now and hear my voice. Many I will bring down from their seat of power and I will humble them for all their abominations they have flaunted towards me. I will shame them on national news station and destroy their reputation and when the dust is settled and they have eaten dirt and dust, I will minister to them and tell them to repent and change their wicked ways. Many of these princes will know what it means to read their Bibles for the first time. As frustrating as it is, it is necessary. Many of these people are going to be shamed. Many nations will also be shamed. Countries all over the world listen. Here is wisdom. Come out of the American dollar now because when I bring it down from it’s exhalted place, any nation still attached to it will be destroyed. The American dollar will fall. Thus saith the Lord YAH. There is much I need to say and tell you however we must stop here my son. This is a warning to the nations all over the world. Many will be wondering. Why now? Why this generation? Because this is the most wicked and diabolical generation out of every generations of humans I have dealt with. Every nation has drunk the wine of America by accepting her doctrines and ideologies that she presents through her movies, game shows, video games, culture, music and technology. America has had the whole world on lock and if I do not come to judge her now, she will utterly defile the nations of the world beyond redemption. Her judgement is set already. Do not pray for her. Only pray for your salvation and if you’re in other nations, the salvation of your nations. I am coming my children. Prepare the way for my son. Your king, Your God, YAH YAHUAH ELOHIM.

Photos courtesy Depositphotos


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