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The Will Of God

It is My will that none would perish, and have given My Son so that whosoever would believe on Him they would escape the wrath I have against sin to attain My forgiveness. My Son is the one who all must look upon in dependence to save your very lives. To take your eyes off of Him is to also take your heart and mind off of Him as well. As long as any live in this world they must keep their eyes upon My Son, so they may not be subject to the plague of sin. Look at my people who wandered with Moses in the wilderness, they were smitten by plague and were dyeing – and I had Moses make a bronze serpent on a pole. Only those who looked upon that pole were spared the death they deserved. For they sinned against Me. Numbers 21:4-9. In the same way, are all who look upon My Son. John 3:14-21. Not once, not twice or when things get bad, but look upon Him continually – in dependence. For in Him there is forgiveness of sins, and escape from My wrath and My protection. To look upon My Son is the work I call for all who would be counted as My own. Understand that looking is believing in Him. I have done all the work for all to enter in My rest and even give to each a measure of faith. For it is by faith that all are saved. What do I require? That you look upon My Son who has died for the sins of man and is now resurrected – and not look away. When you believe in My Son in what He has done, you walk in who you believe and this is your grace and power to overcome this world. I give to all who diligently seek after Me, for I see every heart and know who is true to Me. I encourage all to no longer go about your days doing this or that that is empty of this understanding. Oh how many who walk in futility after their own shallow hearts, though be noble, kind and even righteous. They are deceived for they believe I am there in their midst like a loyal dog! For I am along with them, they reason, as they do their own tasks, projects and plans. In truth, My people are alongside Me, and do My work – and we move in righteousness, peace and joy. This is the right and perfect will I call for all to walk in and can only be done according to how I instruct. For those who do it in their own way they put themselves at risk. For they walk in rebellion and are counted as fair game to the evil one. He continually searches for those who are like these, for then he is able to put to plan ways that he may kill, steal and destroy and to deceive all who turn from Me. Be not foolish to think that you cannot be deceived for you are kept only by My grace from the hand of the evil one and when you choose to venture out into your own way you are walk in his territory. He understands the working of My grace and continually seeks to lure those out from My will and purposes. Look only around you in your churches, groups and in your own hearts and you will see what I say is true. For few seek to do the will of the Father to believe on the Son as their life. Instead this is compartmentalized, and they will look to the Son in a few things and pray and trust and go about the rest according to what is right in their own eyes. Is this you? For this people do not walk in My victory, and the joy I give in peace that passes all understanding and not of this world. No matter how many times you sing Hallelujah to Me or pray in My name – it is empty and void if you do not look upon My Son – as your life, continually. Understand, that the majority speak well of Me with their lips but I see their hearts, and they are far from Me. Each day I give to you. Take it to include Me. Take nothing for granted. Wake up and understand how easy it is to live for yourself being deceived thinking that you live for Me. Come to me, all who see they are thirsty! Come to Me all who labor and heavy laden! Do not come unless you are of earnest heart to find Me so you may live completely in Me. For all who would set out to learn of Me with a pure and diligent heart – I will fill them! Then I will give you desires that are My own desires, you will love with My love, and despise what I hate and enjoy our fellowship every moment of every day.
Take our relationship no longer lightly and be willing to lay down what I will reveal to you as we walk together in the light. For when I reveal to you things that must be laid aside, and you continue in them, you walk in your own will, not mine. But also know when I reveal to you what you must lay aside, as you obey, I grant to you grace so you are able to.
Enough time has been spent on the needless. Come now – all who would desire to walk in My fullness, in My will, for it is not for the faint of heart! Yet even I can take the faint heart who would only desire this and will give it strength and courage.
Careful in thinking that you walk well in Me and stand upright! For I seek a people who would see and understand they must depend upon Me continually realizing that I am what will make anyone stand uprightly to walk in the paths that are right. For to put faith in oneself is the last step before a fall and even destruction.
I give all that is needed to accomplish My Will. But do not think you need not give anything! For that will profit you nothing. For a covenant does not only depend upon one person agreeing for it to be binding for all parties involved must be in agreement. In My covenant you have all the promises I give though I did not come for puppets or robots, but for a people who would seek to love their God with all their heart, mind and soul – and I give to those even in this. Love not your own life, but seek Me as your life and I will reveal to you this mystery; Christ in you – the hope of glory. And this is My perfect Will – for you.

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