The Wickedness of a Nation! – Pastor Benjamin Faircloth

The Wickedness of a Nation!
Pastor Benjamin Faircloth

“America -America, the land of the fools and the home of the slaves! You’ve been bewitched thinking you can live perverse undercover, and walk uprightly in the light of day! I tell you this day, I AM no fool. I AM not blind; I AM not deaf to the sounds and sights of your fornications! Your time is almost complete, your grooming for the Son of Perdition is near its end! You are being prepared as a vessel of destruction. Soon you will see an outburst of wickedness that will numb the mind of the callous soul, your nation will not be able to comprehend this darkness and evil! Can it get any worse, one will ask, and I say Yes! No one can stop your fall! No one can lessen your blow! For I have set My Face against you oh wicked nation of Sodom, oh perverse people of Gomorrah! Know this day, that I have made a way of escape for My Beloved. It is narrow and it is straight, My Truth will lead you to this Gate!” (Matthew 7:14)

Scripture reference for this message is (Jeremiah 10)

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