The Whirlwind of Revival – Trupti Desai

The Whirlwind of Revival

June 7, 2022 10:26 PM
Trupti Desai

Dear Sir,

This word was given on 6/7/2022 and I noted the completion of the word @ 1:08 am

I believe this word is associated to Revelation 1:08

Revelation 1:08

King James Version

8 I am Alpha and Omega, the beginning and the ending, saith the Lord, which is, and which was, and which is to come, the Almighty.


They cannot defeat the Lord. He destroys His enemies with the breath of His mouth (Isaiah 11:4). Because He is all-powerful, we can trust Him to accomplish for us what we could never do for ourselves

The Whirlwind of Revival

Strange Fire will be quenched

The ostracized will become mighty and the mighty will fall

Stand strong in this hour

The winds of change are here

You will see gusts of wind topple towers like the days of old

Nineveh is about to turn back to me

I have sent out my Jonah’s though they have fought against my will, they will turn back to me in this hour to oversee the will of the Father

An unexpected end for the evil eight. They thought they were invincible but alas they were wrong. Do not mock the Lord Almighty. Heads will roll and surprise many

Congregations will gasp with utter disgust as they leave in masses

How could they be so deceived? They will turn to my truth in time

Hurricane season is here. Whirlwinds of Revival are here. You will see many swept up into destruction and many being swept up into Heaven.

Now is not the time to stand by man

Stand for your principles and do not budge

You know the truth of the Bible and stand in it as it will give you all the answers you need.

It will give you LIFE

Stand by only for me as I churn the waters to destroy warships and evil

You will see much commotion in the Black Sea. Rockets and Jets blowing up. This is a sign of the coming destruction of Israel’s enemies.

You will see Turkey fall into the hands of Russia. How interesting as Allies flee the ship

Europa is disintegrating into many pieces. The chess board is active and which King will win the day?

Watch and See as a mighty battle ensues between good and evil as the pawns are destroyed to get to the Kings.

You will see many a King fall. It will one after another. Boris is a sign of dishonor and one of the first to fall.

Europa turn your heart back to me. You are lost and shepherds will arise to bring you home. Choose wisely nations to turn to righteousness and you will be saved.

Stand in the storm to come and as the mighty winds howl around you know that I am the Lord who strikes!

I will take out the wicked ones one by one.

Stay close to me. Heed my word for it will save you in this hour

I have seen the beginning of the end and wish none would perish.

Free will you have and repent for all your sin.

The hour is already late. I AM the God of mercy.

TURN. Repent. The hour is late.

The forces of nature will have no mercy as the ocean spits out evil.

Every soul is precious. Not every soul will turn. I grieve for the lost

Why do you not turn back to me?

I have given you many chances and now face your judgment as I cannot wait any longer.

The innocent blood cries out for Justice and Justice will be served

The highest court in your land will fall even more as secrets are revealed.

See that you do not tarry beloved ones. Get your house in order and stay under the shadow of my wings. What is about to happen is not for the faint hearted

You will need me in this hour. Pride comes before a Fall

I see ALL and this month is one of Judgment

I warned you to not touch my little ones and you did not heed my laws

Now you will see your fate.

Mockery everywhere. I am not pleased and my mighty hand will STRIKE the enemies of Israel

Filth and sodomy like in the days of Noah.

Sulphur and Fury will burn you up.

I have spoken and it MUST BE SO!

I will not forsake my beloved ones.

You will see the destruction from afar and it will not touch you as you stay in Goshen as Egypt is destroyed

A Red Sea moment will arise and free you from bondage. Stay strong in the Lord and you will see VICTORY!

Your Father who Art in Heaven

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