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The Weeping Widow (USA) – Caroline Diadem

Weeping Widow

The Weeping Widow (USA)

November 28, 2020
Caroline Diadem

Auto Generated Transcript

hi everybody
um just wanted to catch up with you and
um give you some things that i’ve had in
my journal the last few weeks
so i’ll just go straight in because
there’s quite a few things that i just
want to catch up on so
some of these are kind of different
messages that you know the lord’s been
sharing with me so but i just some of
these things are quite important
so i’ll just go straight in so the 12th
of november
i had quite an experience on this
particular day right because i walked up
the river
which is quite close to my house and as
i was walking up the river
i was cycling sorry cycling at the river
as i was cycling
the sun was peering out through just a
slit you know those tiny slit in the
clouds along
um so it was pretty cloudy but there was
the sun could be seen in it um in a
split in the river and as i was cycling
along right
it was just like the sun was following
me it was literally
and i looked up and i thought that looks
like the sun’s following me and the
reason i could tell was because the
shine was coming on the river
and it was coming over where i was so at
one point it was
and i was cycling so i was covering
distance you know it wasn’t small just
you know i was covering distance
and so it was quite noticeable
when as i continued to cycle the sun
was following me and i know that sounds
really weird
but i am convinced that the lord was
doing something
and so anyway i arrived over by this
and then i continued to want to stay you
know with
where i could see the sun and uh so i
up to this point on the river and um i
stopped my bicycle and i was looking
directly out at the river
and the sun was exactly where i was
because it had followed me all the way
and the sun was shining on me and
i could just i was closed my eyes and
the sun
moved over the river and shone straight
on me
and i could just see you know orange
light as my eyes was closed that was it
was right on me
and i just knew i was encountering god i
could feel his presence and everything
and as i was there for a few moments
a few minutes or whatever and i was just
kind of just praising him and stuff like
i immediately saw something from
ipet goat 2 so i know there’s some
people that are very good at
you know deciphering it deciphering i
pet goat too
and but anyway i just got one flash
part of the i’ve i go two that the lord
highlighted very strongly to me
and it was the part where the
you have the man that comes out and he’s
he’s very ugly in his broken
teeth um and he
is and i’m just
i have it here uh
sorry so the ugly man he’s i just call
him the ugly man because he is ugly
the ugly man comes out of the eye of
horus that was on jesus forehead so
he comes out of jesus forehead
and on the ugly man’s chin is the dollar
pyramid which was interesting i didn’t
notice that before
he is surveillancing so he’s looking
around surveillancing so it’s like the
and he is connected to this boy by a
wire so that
to me is internet of things so in the
eyes appear now this is what i feel
believes the lord’s bringing my
attention to
across the boy’s eyes in his eyes
appear the words market plunge
and then the next message appears
market coverage uh sorry war coverage
war coverage so they’re the two
um messages in his eyes
um and then the next scene is flying
sources dropping a missile
on the mosque and i’d wondered if that
was in israel
so and if that was connected so anyway
there you go that’s what i felt the lord
really highlighted to me and so i wanted
to share that with you
so next over to 19th of
november i’m just going to
i’m just gonna read out this one okay so
praying today i want to record a couple
of things i got over the last two
days on tuesday night i hear i heard
clearly appointed time then last night i
heard well i first saw actually a woman
and she was weeping um and
the reason why she was weeping is
because she knew she had become a widow
then i understood that it was the statue
of liberty
and i saw the statue of liberty crying
right she was crying because she was
rejected by god
and was abandoned as a wife would
lose her husband so she was weeping
so that’s what i saw right um
now as i was praying this morning this
is on the thursday
i could sense joe biden and camilla
i could especially sense camilla very
busy behind the scenes
but then i could sense them both
scrambling it was as if things were
coming apart and it was causing them to
i remembered dana coverstone’s dream
when they were in the wagon led by these
and i think i believe the mules are the
and in the dream camilla was whipping
the mules in joe biden and then
as they pushed to the target the wagon
came apart
so i that’s what i sensed was the
scurrying and busyness of camilla and i
i sensed the scrambling and that’s all i
from the lord that was that day so
i just want to continue on here on the
22nd of november i was very restless
on the 20th the night of the 22nd of
november didn’t sleep well
and dreamt three times about the vaccine
and i dreamt three times and in fact god
wouldn’t go let me go back to sleep and
i was praying a lot that night about it
right and
then the other thing was the following
the same thing i was really restless
and so this is what i recorded about the
23rd which is the following night
seeing visions last night again i was
hearing trump
10 million vs i’m going to call them
to implement i was also seeing a small
flag i think it was the uk
it was difficult to see the pattern but
i think believed the uk was on it and i
was hearing a word
that it sounded like that the uk was in
with the united states so it was an
unusual word but it meant that they were
in cohorts cohoots together kind of
and i was seeing visions i didn’t know
what they were a feeling of sinister
i saw this black circular thing with
spikes it was very small
and i presume it’s got to do with the v
and i saw a couple of other visions the
reason i’m saying v is because i don’t
want to be taken off with the video
um i saw a couple of other visions but
can’t remember
as drones i think was one of them i just
can’t describe them i couldn’t describe
them and some of them i’ve forgotten
when i woke up
i got the word esoteric very clearly
from the lord
and when i looked at the word esoteric
it means
that it’s the understanding of a few
small people that’s what esoteric means
right so i then i
i said that i thought the spiky black
things that i was seeing in my vision
could be nanobots
and i have to look that up forgot to do
it again but i have to look that one up
so the then i went back to sleep walk
no went back to sleep sorry and then
i got the word governance was given to
me in regards to the uk
and i think it is the city of london
that’s controlling the international
um and so i believe that’s where the uk
is connected in because they’re
controlling a lot of international
finance right
and then i heard clearly a father say to
his son
i give you one ask so
the father said to the son so the son
had to be very careful and intentional
about his
ask and i believe it was god the father
speaking to us
and saying to us you have one ask be
in what you ask
and i’m not sure why god said that so i
don’t know
don’t know why that came to me but it
was very clear
in that dream as well so i had a
strong sense the doors are closing we
are being shut down i had that feeling
earlier when i was
having those visions and one of the
feelings is being closed down
and the sense of our freedom’s been
technology is huge in this it’s a
linchpin it’s crucial
technology has a huge play in this
technology will monitor us and there’s
new forms of technology coming and i
actually think in the visions i was
new forms of technology that are not out
and the doors are closing lock down the
we’re being shut down yeah yep
so oh yes so the other thing was the
financial system tied into the city of
the city of london
freemasonry is tied into this very
and i had a sense of the church the high
church of england being involved
and i felt maybe it was some kind of
but there was a connection there so then
the following night i had just a short
vision of going to a supermarket and the
supermarket had a big metal door
and it was an unusual kind of very funky
kind of design
but it was all metal and the door was
completely um smooth
and you know it had one seam down the
and this was i saw this woman going up
to the door the superman i knew it was a
it was very new looking and then she
went up to the supermarket door and she
had to touch it
or she was move as she moved close to it
the doors
began to open so there was something on
that was causing the doors to open
that’s just what i just saw in that
um okay so i just want to stay
and i also just want to say here i think
i mentioned it in one of my videos
but last year um
in november i heard
the lord say to me i am going to
interrupt christmas
when i heard the lord say that i thought
it was in relation because i had a bad
flu last year i was really out
with two for two weeks with the flu it
could have been covered
but anyway i had a bad flu and i thought
it might be in reference to that
but i’m thinking it could be this year
it could be in reference to this year it
could be a major interruption
so anyway i did get that word i just
wanted to to say that
um i do have one or two other things to
but actually the only the only other
thing i’ll mention is i’ll mention
um isaiah chapter 59
and in isaiah chapter 59 it talks
about the cockatrice eggs and i wonder i
don’t have it handy
um it talks about the cockatrice eggs
and the cockatrice i want to tell you is
it is a half of a
right and it’s half of a dragon
it’s a mix of the two species right and
so it’s a mix of two kinds of species
um and the cockatrice can poison you
with his stare
it comes from a lot of occultic legend
and it appears in some dramas and books
from the past right
and that was highlighted to me when i
was thinking and praying about the v’s
that came to me have a read of isaiah 59
it’s very insightful i i think
it’s really pinpointing
the what the these elite are doing and
up to
right but these cockatries were so
when it was so relevant for me
about the v’s and what they’re doing
with the dna
they’re altering dna structure and i
feel that’s very very serious and i felt
god highlighting it to me
i felt god putting such strong emphasis
that for two nights i was very restless
could not sleep was praying continuously
about it and i felt the lord showing me
um they’re trying to defile what god has
you know they’re um it’s just like
science versus
god who is the creator god is the
these scientists think that they can
restructure what god has done
and the other word i got forgot to
mention this actually when i was back
the other thing that i got from the lord
is one step from perdition
that was the word i heard in relation to
the v’s
and the other word i heard was content
for the faith
that you know god wants us to stand up
that he is the creator and the only
um and they sh you know you know this is
not right it’s not right
and the other thing is that if these um
v’s become mandatory that i felt
that this is witchcraft this is the
spirit of witchcraft
and because they are taking away our
sovereign rights
and they’re taking our rights our
sovereign rights away from us
you know we were sovereign right over
our body over our will
and they’re trying to take remove that
right from us that’s witchcraft
and i just want to emphasize that


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