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the wealth of nations evaporate in the twinkling of my eye – Godshealer7 [Brother Dan]

the wealth of nations evaporate in the twinkling of my eye

May 30, 2020
Godshealer7 [Brother Dan]

Br Dans prophecy in car on his way home now.

Speak now son of man, what have you seen? I have seen the wealth of nations evaporate in the twinkling of my eye. I have told you this would be. The calamity of nations has begun. My judgment is on the disobedient. Events shall move quickly. What I have told you shall be. Scripture shall be filled. I am the God of order. I am the God of justice. I am the God of judgment. What has been forgotten shall be remembered for my truth shall not waiver and my will shall be done. My time draws near . Have you heeded my warnings? Let us harvest the fruit for it is the appointed time.

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  1. Frank

    My spirit confirms this one because I predicted it last week when this all started. I’m not a prophet I’m just a sinner Sorrowing to repentance but God put it on my heart to realize that According to Revelations The Four Horsemen the White Horse was the coronavirus that’s the crown the black horse Takes piece away from the Earth athe black and white squad car the car replace the horse what the number 320 what’s breaks down to 23 which breaks down to 666 with a black man being killed all the riots chaos that are coming out of it the next the red one that’s going to be the famine and financial collapse after that comes the Pale Horse and hell followed with it God bless stay the course pray for one another once again I’m not a profit Justice Center Sorrowing to repentance

    Ps please pray for me cuz I am extremely exhausted I’ve been at the seven years and I’m just tired I’m sure a lot of you have as well some of you even longer I’m just extremely tired pray for strength for me cuz I need it I’m praying for all you God bless

  2. The horsemen ride, and each will bring his own flavor of disasters. Each is unique and different, but they work together in unison to bring death and destruction. Fear them not, for they must be, as the usher in the times of the end. (Revelation 6)

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