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The Water Was Chasing Us Up The Stairs – Ryan V.

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The Water Was Chasing Us Up The Stairs

March 25, 2023 12:08 AM
Ryan V.

I remember being in a place where there are many tall buildings. And people were moving about all the sudden there was a panic and everyone was running and the water was coming in and I remember running up into a parking garage or some tall building and many very skinny black people for some reason were following me and they were struggling and as we went up the stairs the water was chasing us but once we got to the top it was blocked.

This is what I remember from this dream and I feel that it was in Florida but I went to Florida and lived with natives for a long time learning how to sail.

Working on boats and learning new things about how to survive on the water.

I don’t know why after all this time I’m supposed to share this but I have other dreams and God is telling me that I should start to share the dreams that he gave me all those years ago.


Photos courtesy Depositphotos


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