The Warnings I gave were a direct Plea… – Mary A. Blankenship

By Mary A Blankenship

2/25/2018 @ 12:30 A.M.

My Beautiful Bride…It is I…Your King,
The Bright Morning Star…
Keep your eyes to the East
You will see Me from afar…
The time is upon you
and many will see…
The Warnings I gave
were a direct Plea…
Come to Me one & all
or you will perish, as your country falls.

My Beautiful Bride,
I shelter you tight…
There’s no need for fear
or to experience fright…
I control all things
both day and night

I’ve sent through Messengers
Time is no more…Time & time before…
As clocks tick
I’ve got one more settled score…

To show a Nation
full of evil and disgrace…
The Great I AM
will NOT be mocked…
You can’t spit in My Face!

Prepare for your fate
You backstabbing Whore…
I AM The Great I AM
and I’m coming through The Door!”


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