The Warnings have Passed but Few have Heeded My Call – Holy Spirit Wind

The Warnings have Passed but Few have Heeded My Call – Holy Spirit Wind

Received 7-19 through 7-22-18

My son, you’ve been warning and trying to prove to the people the time you’re in but you won’t have to do that anymore because all that I have told you is just going to come and I will not stop it. It will happen faster than most men think but it will not happen in an instant. The destructive events that have been prophesied by My prophets and watchmen, will happen now in a blink of an eye but in the short time left many will cry out to Me and be saved. I have been patient and have given space for repentance, willing that NONE should perish but few have turned. The warnings have passed but few have heeded My call. Many have fallen away from Me in spite of the mercy I have shown. With more mercy and time, even more will fall away.

My son, there are very few that hear your warnings and even fewer that heed them. This is true for all of My watchmen and prophets not just you. It has been true for thousands of years. They say “Where is the promise of His coming? For since the fathers fell asleep, all things continue as they were from the beginning of creation.” They have believed a lie! All things are not the same! Things in your world are not the same, the time of the end is accelerating like no time ever in the history of this world. Yet they are blinded to that fact, because they choose sin. They are intoxicated with their evil deeds and they desire ever more. I will allow them to have their fill!

Just as I gave Israel quail in the desert, until it came out of their nostrils, so shall I give to all those who desire the things of the flesh their hearts desire. Because of My people’s constant complaining, I will give them what they cry out for. I have taken My people out of Egypt but they long for their former ways of bondage. ( I saw He meant that Egypt symbolizes the world system and sin) I have set them free, yet they say they were better off before, things were easier and your master provided for you. They don’t want what I have for them, the things of Egypt are what they long for, so they shall have them. Along with the things of Egypt, you shall also partake in the plagues that I will place upon them, for My wrath is kindled against you. I had set you apart and given you the land of Goshen which was protected yet you have mixed yourselves with the Egyptians. You have taken upon yourselves all of their evil ways and customs, you even serve their false gods. I was your first love but another has seduced you away from Me!

I will show you what a cruel taskmaster the pharaoh, that the world loves so, truly is. Until this time I have held him back and not allowed him to do all that he would but My protective hand is being slowly removed until it is no more. He will rule over all of the earth for a short time. The time will be cut short for the elect’s sake or no flesh would survive. Do you not see him rising up before you even now? Yes, it is in progress though few have that spiritual eyes and ears to discern it. All that I have told you will now come to pass and the scriptures must now be fulfilled.

My obedient people have the blood of the lamb over their lintel and on their doorposts. They shall be protected from the plagues and have light in their dwellings I am the Lamb whose blood was willingly shed for even My enemies to be saved. All who would truly believe, with all all of their hearts, that I am the Christ, the Messiah, Ha Mashiach, the son of the living God; that took upon Myself all of the sins of the the entire world, past, present and future and paid for them all in full and would repent and forsake of their sinful ways and be born again of My Spirit; I will join My Spirit with theirs and become one with them just as I and My Father are one and they will be saved and they will live with Me forever, in a kingdom without end, where there will never be any sorrow or tears and nothing evil will ever happen to them, where there is perfect peace, love, liberty and fullness of joy and My presence is always felt and My glory is the light that shines upon all.

Those who do not receive Me shall be apart from Me for eternity and they be with the god that they have chosen. Their suffering will never end. There is no reason any of the sons of Adam must be separated from Me unless they choose sin over Me. Satan is the god of sin, he and the angels he deceived are damned to the lake of fire where they will be tormented day and night forever and ever.

The future is beautiful for My people, the elect, the remnant, the bride and all those who are watching for and desiring My return but it will not be, until My wrath is poured out and the day of the Lord comes. Until that day you must endure and draw your strength from My Spirit. You must trust Me, remain obedient unto death, live holy unto Me and stay full of My Spirit, love everyone but hate their sin and tell them of Me as the world around around you falls apart and comes to an end.

Never forget that I love you all and I will never leave you or forsake you no matter what happens to you all the way to the end.

The End Has Begun!

Jesus Christ

Yahushua HaMashiach


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