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The Warnings are Over – Jeff Byerly

The Warnings are Over

October 26, 2021
Jeff Byerly

Auto Generated Transcript

hello my beloved brothers and sisters
it’s been a long time
but the lord has given me a
word to share with you all
and he gave this to me
october 24th
in the morning and again this morning
october 25th 2021
ending at noon
and i will read the word and then we
will discuss some other things
my son
the judgments that i have spoken to you
about in the past
are about to quickly and suddenly
come to pass
there have been many mockers and
that have said
what he has spoken has not happened so
we will not listen to the warnings
he was given
these are fools
i will not show mercy on these
nor will i show mercy on the false
and teachers that have led my innocent
sheep astray
these sheep will be disciplined for
their disobedience
for i love them
but the wolves i will destroy in my
and they shall not escape
i know who is my sheep
and i know who is disguised as one
and i have also shown this to those who
have discernment
my prophets messengers and preachers
have been warning about the time
you are in
right now for thousands of years
this generation shall not pass
until every bit of what i have spoken
comes to pass
this generation is the most evil wicked
and it will feel
the fire of my wrath
because very few have repented
after the mark of the beast is revealed
after the mark of the beast is revealed
men will shake their fists
at the sky and curse my name and they
will seek
death but they will not find it
even though death
would not give them any relief
from the torment
they are in because their eternity will
be the lake of fire
with their father satan
the mark of the beast
is the cure
for the kill shot i will read that again
the mark of the beast
is the cure
for the kill shot
and all other disease
and no man shall buy or sell without it
do not be deceived by the kill shot
do not take it
and if you have
and i will forgive
this is the little kitty
called alfie
she wants to join me in the video i hope
you don’t mind
so do not take the kill shot and if you
and i will forgive you
i will even heal some of
the effects of it
but not those who took it willingly and
that it defiles my temple
trust me to provide for you and i will
your government and employer
are not your providers i am
i clothe
the lilies of the field
that is here today
and tomorrow cast into the fire
and my eye is on the little sparrow that
is worth very little
to the world
made in my image are
so much
more to me
so much that i gave my life in exchange
for them
all made in my image can
be saved but the fallen angels and their
offspring as well as all those who
my image from themselves
like nimrod
and all those who will do the same thing
by receiving the mark of the beat
cannot be saved
my people
the things that i have told you in the
you will see many events that you would
not want to
and many will be taken out of this world
early to be with me in glory
but my remnant bride i will protect you
through it all
and the enemy
may wear you out for a time
but he will not kill you
the greater anointing
will come and there will be
more healing
and miracles than you have ever seen
this will come like
an explosion that happens at the same
as the enemy’s explosion
the greater anointing shall come
shall then come
upon my remnant bride like wind
then rain then oil and wine
and then fire
your transformation
will come as
the great fireball
sent by my hand from
the throne strikes the earth
my hidden ones
be revealed and seen with the fire of my
glory upon them
many shall come to me through them
but the wicked shall run from them
into the darkness because
their deeds are evil
and they
love not the truth
and they took the broad road
to destruction
i am
the way
the truth
the life
no one comes to the father except
through me
come to me now
the destruction of the world you know
has begun already
the warnings are
over jesus the christ
yeshua hamashiach
and as
the lord spoke to me his name
as the lord spoke to me his name
at the end
then the fire whistle blew in the little
town that i am in right now
and this little kitty
this loves me i guess don’t you alfie
say hi
well as you can tell
i’m in different surroundings than i
have been in the past
i am currently doing this video in a
horse arena
and there’s the horses down there at the
far end
i moved
from new york
i arrived here where i’m at in northwest
on october 3rd
and the only clue that i’m going to give
you of my location is this
the lion of the tribe of judah and the
lord told me to wear this shirt today
it actually you could have said it was a
coincidence because i grabbed it out of
drawer and he said wear that when you do
the video
and yes
i am away from my family right now
because i don’t know if you remember
the lord
gave me a dream back in may of 2020
the military came to my door i’ll go
through it real quickly
my son nathan opened the door
they said where’s jeff byerly i was back
in the kitchen away from the door
he said he’s back there
they came into my house
took me
through the house onto my front sidewalk
and shot me in the forehead
and you know what i was just fine with
and said lord if that’s the way i got to
it is what it is i’m not afraid to die i
know i’ll be with you i’ll be in a much
place but the lord
said to me that that is a possible
it’s not his perfect will for me
more things for me to do
it’s not easy
it’s not easy being away from my my
loving wife and family
but i want to do what the lord wants me
to do and i will do anything for him
anything in my power
could you say that
are you ready
are you ready kitty
are you ready
for what is coming
it could be tonight
it could be
tomorrow i don’t know how many of you
been keeping track of la palma
that could go into any time
there’s reports that the government is
involved in trying to get that to fall
into the ocean and cause a huge tsunami
to tell you the truth i don’t know
i know
what the lord has spoken to me about the
fiery kickoff event about the the ships
going down
about many other things about
the asteroid hitting
down there in puerto rico
and so many other warnings that the
lord’s given me i can’t even remember
them all i know that the lord warned me
the petrodollar
collapsing and being unhooked
and it will totally ruin the economy of
the united states that’s about getting
ready to happen
and i know the lord told me that in
either 2017 or 2018 i can’t remember
it’s all
going to happen
so fast
that unless you are ready now
or unless you
really unless you have been ready
and if you haven’t been ready from
from what’s happened in 2020 and 2021
upon this earth
i don’t know what you’re waiting for
seek the lord now while he may be found
i’ve said that time and time again and i
will keep on saying it
this is like
a bad movie script really
but it is our reality
if you
have eyes to see in the ears to hear
you’re not going to be caught off guard
and you’re not going to be caught by
there may be
outages and some pain that you have to
go through you may not have electric or
but i believe
that if you are
one that the lord
knows and you know him
he will provide for you somehow
there’s a lot of preparations you could
be doing even now
to get ready but i’m going to say this i
don’t believe that
any amount of preparation that you do
is going to get you through all of it
you are going to have to rely on the
it’s the only way you’re going to get
through it
i don’t care how much ammo you got
how many guns you got
you’re not going to shoot your way
what’s coming
because i guarantee you the military’s
got more than you do
going to be chinese soldiers russian
soldiers u.n soldiers
you name it
probably national guard your own
national guard
maybe robots
you’re not going to be able to do it in
your own strengths
so what i suggest to
all of us right now
is to join me in this prayer
and mean it
with your whole heart
dear heavenly father
i come before you right now
and i ask you to forgive me of all of my
sins lord
i thank you for sending
your son jesus
onto that cross
taking the punishment that i deserved
making the sacrifice for sin for the
entire world
lord i plead his blood upon
and my family
in the name of jesus
i asked you to wash me clean whiter than
i ask you to give me strength
beyond what i have in my own self for
the things that are coming
even now
lord we no longer see that they’re in a
we see them
right before us right now
we ask you
to bring your money anointing upon your
lord let this happen
so that that we may go out
and be a witness
like we have never been before
and that we could go out in the highways
and the byways and compel them to come
in and show your power
the power and the demonstration of your
we need this lord
we need it because this is a time like
never before in the evil
is coming like never before
we know that they have plans
but we know that your plan is greater
thank you lord you
win and we
win because we are on your side lord
we thank you
we praise you
we give you glory almost high
in the name
of our lord and savior jesus christ
yeshua hamashiach i pray
i love you guys
i don’t know if i’ll be back on
but i know i will see you in glory
good night and god bless


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