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The Warning & The Three Days Of Darkness – Only a Grain of Sand


The Warning & The Three Days Of Darkness

October 18, 2020 10:31 AM
Only a Grain of Sand

October 17 & 18, 2020

I AM almost at the door of your souls My Children. I AM about to knock.
Are you ready? Will you open to me, giving Me your yes, or, will you reject My final offer of eternal life in My Father’s House? Remember this life passes like the grass or the flowers of the field. It dissipates like a puff of smoke and is gone. You may not be given tomorrow? Choose forever with the One who Created you in Love, generously endowed each one of you with unique gifts, that were only designed for you to fulfill you destiny. Or choose death?

Listen Children, I AM knows you down to your cellular level, and desire your “Fiat”, as I gave you all Free Will, you must you must make the final choice for your God, or against Him. I AM must respect your choice.

No one can say I have not tried to get your attention, in this perfidious generation. No one can say I have not extended My Mercy to a breaking point, trying to get you to change your ways, giving you signs in the weather, sky, planets, in many prophets, watchmen and watchwomen, natural disasters, famine, wars that have intensified never ending. No one can say I have not been patient and waited for you to Repent and choose Heaven over the Lake of Fire.

You have collectively and most individually preferred a diet of violence, murder, filth, and perversion. You turn a blind eye to sin, dismissing your brothers and sisters to fall into the eternal pit, without a glance. Millions have gone to Hell in your day, as snowflakes fall from the sky. You either go to Heaven together or you do not go at all. The snow storm will now become a blizzard.

Those that have interceded for others for years, as prayer warriors, in the recent past, many of them have gone to their eternal rest, for they were in the main elderly true sons and daughters of the Most High God. Sadly, they were not replaced by enough of those younger in age. Their prayers held back the advance of the snake king and his minions agenda. But now the evil ones have carried the day to the point, where they believe the victory is now certain. They think they will win the War To End All Wars, in the Valley of Meggido, storm Heaven and kill God. Not So!

In reality satan has told his demonic leadership, they may not win. But they will take millions with them, which is a victory of sorts. And an everlasting effrontery to God Almighty. The snake king’s human puppets have been fooled and will be more than horrified to find they made the choice that destroys without end, when they step across the veil. Hate will never win the day, its shadow will disappear in the ray of God’s Power, Majesty and Glory!

But first their plan is to wipe the face of the earth of most of humanity, taking the sons and daughters of Adam & Eve, into their kingdom of fire, with them. I AM would have none of My Children enter the pit. But it is up to you to decide. The Victory is mine, it was decided at the Cross of Calvary. The choice is yours. It will be final, one way or the other.

Some of you think the owner of the vineyard is absent or busy elsewhere. That “when the cats away the mice can play”. Not So! You have played with fire. Now it will burn you in a nuclear holocaust as all the weapons of mass destruction, you have piled up are employed by the various madmen, you call leaders. The owner of the vineyard sent His only Begotten Son, you and your ancestors killed Him. Now the minions of the snake king want to liquidate all the workers of My field. (all Christians of every denomination). It will not stand!

I AM will protect My Own.
To everyone who hears My Call, I AM will protect.
To everyone who fulfilles My Purpose, I AM will protect.
To everyone who listens to My Voice, I AM will protect.

Scripture Reference:

Isaiah Chapter 26 Verses 20 & 21 KJV
“Come, my people, enter thou into thy chambers, and shut thy doors about thee: hide thyself as it were for a little moment, until the indignation be overpast.
21 For, behold, the LORD cometh out of his place to punish the inhabitants of the earth for their iniquity: the earth also shall disclose her blood, and shall no more cover her slain.

“But thou didst not leave his soul in Hell.”
The grave did not overcome the Son of Man.
He arose on the thrid day, resplendent.
And so it will be with this genertation.
Three days in the grave (in darkness) and then a Resurrection.
And Life Eternal. End.
No eye hath seen, nor soul quenched by the wonders arranged for the true sons and daughters of the Most High God, at the dawn of the Era Of Peace.

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