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THE WALL – Thor-Egil Eik


Wed, Oct 2, 2019, 2:31 AM
Thor-Egil Eik
This message I got yesterday. I was out walking, praying and fellowshiping with God as I usually do every morning. I was walking down a long forest road on an island, and just as I came on top of a long, straight piece of the road, going slowly downwards in the terrain, I just heard a voice inside of me say: RUUUUUN! – RUUUUUN!!! and I saw a picture inside of me from the movie «Minority Report», were the main character played by Tom Cruise is listening to one of the «cognitives», and she suddenly shouts RUUUUUN, and then the pre-crime Police Unites comes to get him.
This is the clip:


My beloved!
Have I not said: «Take heed that no man deceives you!» When I say no man, I mean No Man, and that includes the president of America too! My Word also tells you to come out of, and not to love this World (1st John 2:15-17). Can you imagine why this is so important? It’s because this world is going to perish. The Revelations of John 18:4 gives you two good reasons for why you shall not put your trust and confidence in this World – here, represented by Mystery Babylon:
The first one is that you shall not take part in her sins, and the other reason is that you shall avoid to receive any of her plagues.
If you study The Revelation of John, chapter 17 and 18, you will see that The Harlot or Mystery Babylon, wich is USA, will be stripped naked, devoured and consumed with fire, because they hate her. Why do they hate her so much, you might ask? Because I have put it into their hearts to accomplish My purpose by agreeing to hand over to the beast their royal authority, until God’s words are fulfilled (Rev. 17:15-18).
The Wall
The truth about the Wall on the Mexican border, is more sinister than most people dear to think of. For many Christians, Satans plan behind the Wall, is Beyond their imagination.
The horrific truth about the Wall, is that it is not primarily built to stop the refugees from entering USA. The real purpose for building the Wall is to keep all of you inside (Watch the video, «The Truth Behind The Wall»).
The laws of your country is adjusted to the purpose of rounding up and eliminating all true believers in Christ. There will be certain events in USA, wich will usher in Martial Law, and when it is proclaimed, the purge will initiate, and people will be relocated and placed in camps. Some will be re-educated, some will be sent to camps in Latin-America and some will be put to death.
Seek My Face, and ask for My confirmation and leave America while you can. Because, as the nazi’s closed their borders, so will USA when the time is up, and the clock is ticking, and there is not much time left.
You have to make up your mind, and flee the country while there is a chance, because soon the banks will be out of cash, travel will be restricted and finally the borders will close. When this happens many will wish that the had left while there is a chance, so do not push this message aside, but come to Me, and let Me counsel you! Some of you are called to stay where you are, to minister to the lost, but it will be hard, and unless you stay close to Me, you will not make it. Many of my Children will be called to give their lives, and some will be my end time laborers, who will help to bring in the harvest.
Read My Word! Seek My Face! Trust in Me, and do not put your trust in Man or flesh. For those of you who walk with Me, will hear My voice, and know in their hearts what the truth is, and will head all of My warnings. And if you heed the warning, you will know what to do, and you will first of all let Me guide you in all things.
Put your trust in Me, My beloved.
I Am coming Soon
Jesus Christ
The truth behind the Wall:
A Modern day Holocaust:
Jade Helm, FEMA Camps:
Why did not all the Jews leave Germany?
Jews escaping German occupied Europe:

Thor-Egil Eik

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  1. “The real purpose for building the Wall is to keep all of you inside (Watch the video, «The Truth Behind The Wall»).
    The laws of your country is adjusted to the purpose of rounding up and eliminating all true believers in Christ. ”
    Somebody else said the same. Trump is not the person people think.

  2. Lori Powell

    I never have been comfortable with the wall, even though I agreed with the supposed purpose, I thought right away of the Great Wall of China and the Berlin Wall, both used to trap people in. I have felt in my spirit that we might be wanting to leave this country as things progress. Lately, with what I know is coming and now this word, it is total confirmation of what God has put in my spirit. I know that my children and I are supposed to be moving from Michigan to the mountains. I thought maybe South or West because of dreams, etc but I also felt God was telling me to be ready to leave this country if led. I also know if we are called to stay here, He will protect us in a place of refuge. The important thing is, it is so important to stay in close relationship with God and filled with His Holy Spirit so we will hear His voice and know when and where to be, in His time. God bless you and thanks for the word.

  3. Marc Naples

    Yes this sinful nation….will burn down to the ground.
    But God will bless your faithful action to help others.
    He has lead me to prepare, in a place of Goshen…..what’s that??
    A refuge for the collapse, where God will bless your faithful actions, and bring food to replace what’s used up in helping others he brings to his Goshen places.
    There’s no quick exits, no place to hid, without God….it will burn.
    Even many who leave the USA, will be returned to the state’s, if not secure and helped by locals where they relocated….
    The whole earth’s people’s will eventually be tested, like America.
    But this man is correct, America will be especially destroyed by God’s anger over our nation’s turning from his truth….Amen

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