The Visitor / Red Sky – Belinda Wilson


The Visitor / Red Sky

October 28, 2020 11:32 PM
Belinda Wilson

October 23, 2020

I had a dream the same night my son had a spiritual dream about the ID2020 and 666 stamp. This was my dream:

I was busy about taking care of doing some renovations and cleaning out clutter in my home. (In real life, I have also been doing this ).

During this time, a man who I felt had great affections for me came to my house to knock on my door on a consistent basis and when I would open the door he wanted me to have my box of important letters he had given me for us to sit down and talk about and read together. It was important for me to do so because these letters had critical information in them that I needed to know. He always wanted me to have my letters when he came to visit and sit down to talk with me. And I did. At the beginning of my dream I always knew where my box of letters were located and quickly retrieved them for us to read and go over together each time. As time passed and I became more and more distracted and busy with my home repairs and renovations, I began to misplace my box of letters amidst the clutter. At last, when the man came knocking on my door, I was lying in my bed asleep and too lethargic to even get up to answer it but told another member of my household to open the door and let him in as I just laid there …not even knowing where my box of letters went.

The scene quickly changed to me standing outside at night and seeing the skyline rapidly fill up with military aircraft. It began to turn red, indicating war. I then began to run away from this to seek cover but as I did I ran into small narrow long trench of concrete filled with water. I buried myself in the water to hide. It was raining outside and inside. The man who had been coming to visit me passed by me in a chariot filled with bubbling happy riders and they were headed to see a beautiful sunshiny city and rejoicing that he came for them to rescue them from this war and that it really was happening as he had promised in those letters just like he said it would. A catching away of his bride to escape the turmoil coming.

Unfortunately, I was not in this carriage and as I realized what was happening I began to weep profusely and feel sadder than I had ever felt in my whole life.

The next scene, I was with the man and his wife now and I was being “smelled”. I heard them say “She stinks”. After this I turned to seek the man to clean me and accept me and hold me close in his arms to kiss and embrace me. And he did. Then I awoke.


Although, I know this dream has personal notes for me, I feel that it could apply to many.

First, the man coming to visit me at my home was Jesus and the box of letters were the Bible. We reviewed them together in prayer and Bible study. Daily. As I got caught up more and more in cares of life and in fixing the house I lost track of my relationship with him as priority. Shame on me and I have repented.

Second, the military aircraft and red sky indicates war on horizon. Jesus will be taking a His bride away from it all. That’s what the carriage and he and his wife represent. All the joyfulness and bright sunny cities represents heaven.

My missing it represents my misplaced priorities that would cause me to not be ready to go. My stink represents the flesh. My turn to The man and begging for him to clean me and hold me and embrace me represents my repentance.

Warning for all readers:
Let us all examine ourselves carefully during this critical time to place Jesus in His proper priority in our lives so that we are Ready for His coming. And may we be counted worthy to escape. We do not want to be left behind.


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