The Vipers Come Out From Hiding – Cherrie Archer

The Vipers Come Out From Hiding

January 20, 2021 12:32 PM
Cherrie Archer

This morning I was shown images of the deceived who post on social media their hatred for truth and their love for the wicked. I began to write these are the words spoken:

1-20-21 6:36am

The Vipers Come Out From Hiding

Many will fall away. Prayers said, remain unanswered. Therefore I must not exist.

Foolish people My timing is perfect. My time is not your time.

Did I not split the Red Sea in time of need allowing My people to walk across on dry ground?

Watch and see how many believed in a man over Me will fall. Their faith in Me tied to this man by a mere thread.

The thread is snapped.

Is all faith in Me gone? Is all faith in the man gone?

Truth is only with Me will the waters part and passage given.

Through this time the deep depths of corruption exposed with no rightful outcome.

Those who toast this will be brought low. Commoner or elite it will not matter.

Those who drink of the cup of fornication have no place in My house.

The dividing of the wheat and tares goes on as a public display. No man will say they did not know of the corruption and supported it.

I will not be mocked.

I gave free will to man and the enemy of souls has silenced it. No longer is truth heard.

Do you see it? The corrupt being exposed daily.

Friends who support corruption and hate truth are now exposed.

These are the very people who sang louder as the cattle cars carried many to death in the concentration camps.

These are the very ones who stood behind men, women and children and shot them in the back, unarmed, their bodies falling into prepared pits for the dead.

These friends and relatives believe they are right, no matter the truths to the contrary shown them.

These pastors, teachers, relatives will have no problem selling you out.

Beware of Vipers, they are cunning, quiet, but strike at a moments notice.

Do Not be deceived in the weeks ahead. Those who support a lie will become more boisterous. Notice and keep track of those who praise evil in this time.

Cut ties before these cut your throat.

Do not doubt this will happen.

This exposure is vastly more important to note as I have all things in My hands.

Use wisdom, Pray, seek My face, Use discernment.

If a friend shows themselves to follow the wicked you know to depart from them. For what have ye to do with vipers.

The broth is heating up and the scum is rising.

Do not turn a blind eye to revelations given.

Do not pray for discernment and when that discernment is given you disregard it. This you do to your own hurt.

Time is short. Know your enemy. Know who will sell you out by words spoken.

Do Not doubt that which I have told you is true.

Many give away their true spirits at this time.

Watch and see.

Cut Ties! Those who spew hate are not of Me. Those who turn from truth to darkness are not of Me.

Know the truth, the truth will set you free.



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