The Verdict! – Pastor Benjamin Faircloth

The Verdict! – Pastor Benjamin Faircloth

Posted on Nov 18, 2018 in pastors pen


“America you are guilty as charged! Your sins have been found out and your nakedness has been revealed! Your king has no clothes and the world can see what I already knew! America, what will you do when your systems of life and governance fails? I tell you this day you won’t return back to Me, but you will embrace the gods of Egypt and the magic of Babylon! You are bewitched and the enchantments of your masters has become your mantras and meditations! Your heart is evil and soon it will get its fill! Where are you oh backslidden church? The harlot who is never satisfied! I say to you today, come out from the covers of mischief and whoredoms, return unto Me and I will return unto you. For soon a shaking will come and the divide will come, then it will be too late to cross over. I AM calling for My Bride, which has made herself ready, the proud and haughty I will surely resist!”

(Scripture reference for this message is Jeremiah 25)

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