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The Venomous Serpent on our way

March 25, 2021 12:14 PM

March 24, 2021

Luke 10:19 (KJV)
Behold, I give unto you power to tread on serpents and scorpions, and over all the power of the enemy: and nothing shall by any means hurt you.

When one constantly see, black winged serpent, dark serpent, blue serpent, yellow serpent, a field full of snakes, in hiding or in the open, then it is clear, the enemy is in the attack. In visions and dreams, I have never seen in kind, size, color and number like serpents and snakes. The Lord has revealed many things for me but this cripy reptilian has taken much of my time. Much earlier, I was not understanding what it meant, but know like many of us, I realized I am under a constant sever attack from the enemy. Here is one out of the many.

The Big Venomous Serpent on our way, struck Dead.
(Dream of November 4, 2018 ~5:30AM)

There is a friend in front of me with a regular bike on a paved street, out of the city. I am riding a big bike, long like a limousine, I am sitting in the middle. There is a woman in the left side of the street walking. I see a small frog, head swollen like a tadpole, upside down, belly up, dead. At first it looked like a bark or dead leaf and new it is a frog, all its body is its head.
We drove a little further. On our way, between two big rock lie a big blue snake. The head is smaller but has big, long trunk and body. Our road is blocked, we can’t pass. When we try to pass, this dangerous venomous serpent moving around the rock on the right and coming back prevented us from passing the narrow pass between the two rocks. I see a familiar person, a friend by the name “Light.” He is holding a hook, a strong metallic hook with a rope at his left hand. He struck the snake on the neck, got the skin opened, the flesh exposed, He struck it again and pierced the hook deep into the neck. He went behind the rock. In spite of our warning on the venomous nature of the serpent, with no fear, regardless of the danger, calm and collected, he grabbed the serpent by the neck, little lower from the head, He raised it on the side of the street and smacked it on the head with a rock lower than the head. He did that leaving the head intact so that it is noticeable. It is dead now. I hold the dead serpent by the tail, while blood is dripping from it. Very small blood is sprinkled on my clean shirt. To our surprise, I noticed the one on my right, another third person who was with us throughout is trying to do something to the dripping blood from the serpent but I told him it is blood mixed with venom. End of dream.


The named, “Light” is my friends but I can’t see His face, who He is the Lord.
My friend, the Lord killed the serpent, hooked and smashed it with a rock.
The serpent which was trying to stop us from our way blocking the rod is the enemy.
The frog, found dead on the side of the road is the unclean spirit.
We have an enemy standing on our ways trying to stop us from doing our work, but the Lord is with us, always, keeping us safe, protecting us, even if we think we are alone.
We praise the Lord!



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