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The Vaccine and your Eternal Soul – Cryptic1 / qimono

The Vaccine and your Eternal Soul

May 20, 2021 7:58 PM

Many of you who follow this site know that God has instructed His children NOT to take the vaccine. But in spite of all the words of warning given by the prophets and messengers – the church at large, our own family, friends and loved ones even have succumbed to the fear and societal pressure from the world and have taken the vaccine. One day I had a recent conversation with a family member over the state of the eternal soul of those individuals when the Holy Spirit brought back a memory to me.

I have an older church friend, a lady I’ll call G who loves the Lord and spends hours daily communing with Him. She is also a faithful prayer warrior – praying for the lost and whomever the Holy Spirit lays on her heart. Because of this and more I believe G is a child of God.

Before the arrival of the vaccine I tried to share about the dangers of taking it with G and with my other church friends. In spite of this I found out that G as well as most of my church friends had taken the vaccine. I explained to her that this was not from God and that He was displeased with those who had taken the vaccine – a sign of reliance on man and self instead of God – not to mention the deadly side effects of taking it.

What the Holy Spirit brought back to my remembrance was this…

Last year G shared with me that the Lord had told her in 2018 that He was going to give her more time on this earth in order to accomplish the task He had given her but that He would also come back for her soon. Her best guestimate of this time frame was the next five or ten years. This is not to date set the rapture in any way but to point out that way back when – the Lord already knew that G would take the vaccine even as He told her He would return for her. I feel certain that when G sees the light she will humbly repent before the Lord.

I have wrestled with the idea of whether those who took the vaccine are able to restore their relationship with God. In all seriousness I believe that most who take the vaccine will also take the Mark of the Beast and so will be lost forever for eternity. However I also believe based on what the Holy Spirit reminded me of – that God is a just and merciful God and that if one is truly repentant – He is there ready to forgive. May we not try God but stand just, righteous and obedient before Him always. And let us continue to pray for those who have taken the vaccine – that they may see the light of truth which is Jesus and repent wholeheartedly for this sin and for the error of their ways.

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