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The V – Nadia Isaac


The V

December 28, 2020 7:23 AM
Nadia Isaac

Date: Couple months ago, don’t remember the exact date of the Dream

There is something important on my heart that I’ve wanted to say so bad for such a long, long time … long before the 14th of December, something that I saw in a dream, but I thought that it would be a long time coming before, I saw it coming into fruition before my eyes on the 14th of December, because I had seen it before in a dream months ago, the first part of that dream has been fulfilled already, and the next part is coming. What happened earlier this month let me realized that the times we are living in now is speeding up significantly, and it gave me a rude awakening that we really need to get our houses in order with God both physically and spiritually, for real and really truly mean it. We are so much closer to the times, that we have to make a choice and choose who we will Worship? And will know which Kingdom we choose to live our lives Eternally. Jesus is coming quickly —Be ready !!! Are you ready???

Some of these things that I saw in my dreams seem farfetched as what will occur, because most people with their eyes and ears are closed to the knowledge of God and the Spirit of God will just think that these things only happens in the Hollywood Movies for entertainment purposes, but Hollywood is clearly telling us in our faces about what’s going to happen in the Endtimes/Tribulation, you better believe that they are flaunting it in our faces and they throw in some lie to distract us from the Truth. I have gotten dreams about the Zombie Apocalypse, of zombies chasing people and biting people and turning people into the walking dead. Trust me, when I say I too passed it off as just a nightmare and I began to seek God and he began to reveal to me other people who had the same prophetic dreams as me, so I knew it was not just me having the same dreams and God began to confirm to me with more dreams what exactly that meant and I’d ask God if what those other prophetic Christians were saying was True please reveal it to me and he gave me numerous dreams with confirmations.

I need to come out and say it to save a Life, to warn you guys about the devices of the devil, and still give you the warning from God about the Vax. The Vax will alter your Dna and you won’t be no longer considered a human because of what’s in the Vax and its has evil in it and na-na bots. I also got a confirmation in a dream about the Vax/ The V because I asked God why I was dreaming about a Zombie Apocalypse and he answered me with another dream as a confirmation as to what cause the Zombie Apocalypse. In that dream the V’z was mandatory and I refused to take it in the dream and then I was kidnapped by some strangers – people without faces, I had a knowing that they were connected to the kingdom of darkness, because dark shadows were surrounding them, and they forced the vax/the V into my body and then I started to changed physically and spiritual into something hideous and my demeanor also changed from the person I knew myself as to pure evil and no matter how hard I tired to get back to who I was before I couldn’t —

that’s why If you take the Vax there is no going back for you – you die an eternal death and will never be the same after that, that’s why God revealed to me exactly what it feels like if you took the Vax, I also felt all the emotions of the change of the vax in that dream, I felt the rage, I felt everything, that dream was so powerful, he made it that powerful to illustrate, that to me, so I could tell you guys about the Vax and how it will alter your dna and disconnect you from God, I also saw in the dream that it does disconnect you from God too because I tried calling out to God after they force the vax in my body and God didn’t answer me, I was lost to him because I died eternally.

Then after that scene my dream switched and then I saw the locusts from Revelations, some ugly looking creatures with human looking faces with scorpion tails stinging people and chasing people and some persons turned like them too and then I awoke from my dream.

Note that the changes of the vax won’t happen exactly right after you take it like it did for me in my dream, it will take a while too alter and they will say its a virus that cause the walking dead apocalypse, but truly is the vax/v that God showed me and it has something that connects it to the mark( MOB) too — they go hand in hand .

Note an after revelation to me after further seeking God. Don’t know how exactly, but they are connected somehow together. note too that I have also dreamt of myself fighting off zombies too, this is not my only Zombie Apocalypse dream that I’ve had, I’ve had many not of me just fighting zombies, but, demons and witches and I’ve also seen werewolves, demons, creatures from the kingdom of darkness too.

I needed the confidence to say it because I thought many times about what people would think about me, I thought about if they will find me weird/ strange, I thought about what they would say about me, I thought about people being against me because of the controversies/conspiracies related to vax of what the world will say and belief system about the situation that hardly anyone is brave enough to truly address. I thought about if they would treat me differently, I thought about if they would stop talking to me or I’d lose friends or family over it, if I’d lose people because of me telling the Truth that God revealed to me and for standing up for Truth, but you know what I don’t care anymore, even though I’ve been called worst things for revealing the Truth to others. I’ll tell the Truth so I can save someone’s life from making the worst mistake of their Life—in other words Choose Eternal Life which is God— not Eternal death.

I pray God will expose the truth and people will hear, not only hear but see also what’s really going on behind the scenes with this situation and the end-times. “My people are destroyed for the lack of knowledge.” Hosea 4:6 KJV In other words the people will perish because of the lack of knowledge. And don’t be ignorant of Satan devices. 2nd Corinthians 2:11. The Devices here in this scripture denotes that He(the devil) will use anything in this world to distract us from the real Truth be forewarned, be vigilant, seek God for the Truth, he will reveal it unto you if you seek for him wholeheartedly. “Don’t take the Vax=You’ll be disconnected from God if you do!!!


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