The Uninvited Guests Dream – Solitary Man

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The Uninvited Guests Dream

April 10, 2024 11:37 AM
Solitary Man


I was in my house, though it was not a house I readily recognized. It looked a little bit like my sister’s house, but not quite. The Grey Cup was on TV (Canada’s version of the Super Bowl), and i had a mild desire in wanting to watch it. However, someone whom I knew, but couldn’t quite identify, brought in a stranger to the house. This stranger proved to be very distracting. They were sprawled out over a piano in the house, lying on it lengthwise. Soon I noticed other strangers were in the house. I started to get real angry, then finally started to to shout at one of them to get out. They heard me and were seemingly beginning to comply, but I did not actually see any of them leave completely. All through the house things were in disarray, these unwanted guests generally making a mess. At the end, I really wanted to get rid of these people, so I could watch the game before the time ran completely out and I was in danger of missing all of it. Then I woke up.

Here are my thoughts on what I perceive this dream meant. My mild interest in the football game represents how the comforts and enjoyments of this world still tug at our heart strings. The fact that it was a mild interest shows that most of us realize that the things of this world are passing away, and are not to be pursued, but the desires and longings for the comforts of old still persist.

The uninvited stranger represents the invasion of the enemy onto the shores of our lands, first spiritual, then physical. They have upset our civilization and way of life, and are drawing all our focus and attention in trying to deal with it.

First, it was only one main distraction. This represents covid. Suddenly, it seemed as if there were many uninvited guests. This represents how investigating the fraud of the pandemic opened our eyes to all the forms and levels of wickedness that have permeated our society. From chemtrails, the destruction of our food supply, rigged elections, climate lies, you name it, we are being and have been attacked in more ways than we can ever imagine.

The fact that the house I was in was familiar, yet not, represents our western civilization that we now find ourselves in. Parts of it retain the facade of familiarity, yet everything has changed. The world we now live in appears alien and unknown, yet within the framework of what once was.

The anger I felt and the attempt to try and get rid of those unwanted guests represents the great efforts some of those in the church and the freedom movement are expending in trying to resist the evil invasion. The fact that I saw no one actually leave represents the utter failure on our part to roll back the wickedness at this stage. The fact that my main desire in wanting them to leave was so I could get back to watching the game before it was over represents the true reason why none of our efforts seem to be having any effect. We are fighting the evil primarily to try and restore the comforts and pleasures that we once had. We are angry and are trying to order the enemy out, whether in the prayer closet or in public efforts, so that we can restore our past way of life. Until and unless we resist evil for the kingdom of heaven’s sake and not just to return to our own selfish desires, nothing positive shall be accomplished.

Let us examine our hearts and ensure that we are battling the enemy with the proper motives. Yes, our desires for the things of this world are dwindling, but let us not stop cleansing our hearts until our innermost desires have been completely purified of all selfish motives, and have been made to completely commit to fight for only the plans and purposes of the king of kings, and not our own.

Solitary Man

Photos courtesy Depositphotos


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