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The U.S will be invaded and the church will suffer persecution – Peter Sansone

The U.S will be invaded and the church will suffer persecution

Sep 9, 2019, 9:01 PM
Peter Sansone

I have had many end times dreams but this one was among the scariest I have had. This dream took place the very night that Pope Francis was elected. I had been watching and waiting for the announcement of who the new Pope would be and when the election had been made, the news reported it was Francis. The news also said that Francis was a Jesuit. Francis then came out and was seen for the first time in public. I had watched about 10 minutes of this and when the news had said he was a Jesuit, I was worried about this and turned the TV off. I had seen Francis face for maybe 5 minutes. Not very much time to remember what he looked like. That night I had a dream. I can tell when I have dreams from the Lord because they are not like my other dreams when I am in them and after I wake up, I can remember every detail of dreams God gives me in sharp detail that I never forget. Anyways this was the dream.

I was sleeping in my bedroom and suddenly I was standing over myself and I could see myself sleeping. There was someone else there and I had a sense ( a knowing) that it was an angel standing next to me. While I was watching myself sleep, suddenly there was commotion and I saw men coming into my bedroom through the windows and there were many of them. It was like an army of men and they came into where I was sleeping and they laid their hands on me. While watching this happen, I noticed that the men were face-less. I could see and sense all these men like an army, but I could not see any faces. Their faces were blurred out. The men then grabbed me while sleeping and lead me away as I saw them leading me away. As they were taking me out the bedroom door, the “me” that was watching all this looked over at one man and suddenly I could see this man’s face. It was Pope Francis. I froze in terror because in the dream, I knew who he was already and I recognized him. It was a fear beyond words. There was no way I had already memorized what he looked like and this was a supernatural aspect to the dream. The “angel” with me suddenly communicated to me in a way I could understand and basically said to me “he is responsible for this”. The meaning of this dream: The U.S will be invaded and the church will suffer this. God has a plan though and now is the time to prepare. Do not try to prepare later, Prepare now. You must be prepared before this occurs.- Peter

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    The pope Francis will be the false prophet, Our Lady of Garabandal said there would be 3 popes and the last pope was Benedetto 16th. By Our Lady pope Francis is not a pope.

  2. David Mehew

    I’ve heard from many christians (through dreams & visions they had) Pope Francis is the False Prophet. I’m not Catholic, nor do I agree with any of their theology – it’s basically ancient pagan sun worship. Also, the crucifix the Pope holds is a talisman for Black Magic – it is not the Christian crucifix as many suppose. ALL of his vestments and ornaments are representative of the dark occult. He is a black magician. I’m sure many have surmised this in the spirit already. Obama is the connection between our government and the Papacy in Rome. He is AN antichrist, and a demon; but this is spiritually discerned. Many have also had dreams about the invasion of the US including Ken Peters, Henry Gruver, Steve Quayle, Dimitru Duduman. Keep watch.

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