12/5/19 1:07 PM
Melinda Goss
As I was about to walk out of the door today I was called into his presence. I was told… “write down and tell them what you see.”  This is what I was shown.
First I saw a river and on either side had white marble and there were angels with trumpets to the left and the right of the stream.  The stream with coming from a temple with 3 High Square archways that looked like the shape of doors but wider and higher. Behind the first one was a 2nd which was wider and higher than the 1st. Behind the second was the 3rd one which was wider and higher than the first and second one. The stream of water was flowing from within this Temple outward.
Next, I was shown a large golden scroll that was open and I saw
and I heard…Tell them… “THE TRUTH SHALL SET YOU FREE.”
All glory to the King of Kings


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  1. A.M.Hosta

    A wonderful word. Thank you for sharing it. The spiritual flow that comes from his heart – the word of God is a flow coming out of God’s heart that purifies and renews us. The only truth that frees us from sin.

  2. Sara

    Truly beautiful vision of the Most High’s “living water” flowing 🙌🙌🙌
    John 4:10″If you knew the gift of God and who it is that asks you for a drink, you would have asked him and he would have given you living water”

    Absolutely agree in spirit, A.M. Hosta.

  3. Urgent Warning to Christians.
    How long R U going to speak against the Pure Holy Sprit of Dove(Jonah).
    You’ve been called to be pure as dove. But you’ve rejected the Sign of Jonah.(MT 12:40).
    3 days & 3 nights in the grave.
    I testify with my all heart that Jesus died on Wednesday & resurrected on Sunday in 30AD.
    Jesus is coming back on a Great day(Rev6:17,Jn 19:31), Full moon(Prov 7:20) in Jubilee(Lev 23:9). If you hear the voice of holy spirit of dove, You will soon understand that Jesus is coming back on April 18th, 2030. You must be born again by the Holy Sprit of dove(Jonah).
    MT 12:40 is the Key of the kingdom of Heaven. Keep this in your Heart.
    There will be No rain for 1260 days beginning on April 1, 2023 (Rev 11:3~6)
    Repent. Be prepared.
    144K and 2 witnesses MUST study and understand 7 Seals in Daniel. (8:26,9:24,12:4,12:7,12)
    The book of Revelation has never been sealed (Rev 22:10) Wake up.

  4. christa vattimo

    @Daniel, I dreamt of the 3 days and nights of darkness last week. God showed me the skies getting dark and then it began to rain fire. I was all alone on a boat, above the 3 rivers in PGH PA. The Lord was showing me what is to come, it will be a Thursday, after 12/22 when this begins. The days will be longer. When the death ends it will be spring, you are right about 4/30/30, this will begin on a Thursday and when the 3 days is over, it will be spring.

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