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The true leader of America, neither Trump nor Biden – Marcos

The true leader of America, neither Trump nor Biden

November 4, 2020 9:02 AM
Puerto Rico


Greetings from Puerto Rico. My name is Marcos and I would like to share a symbolic dream I had about America. The closest date I think I had the dream was probably on September 29, 2020.


I was somewhere in the United States, and I was standing in a parking lot of a huge Mall/Shopping Center. It was snowing, so I realised I wasn’t in Puerto Rico, since we live in the tropics. I noticed that the Mall was so big, that its two entrances were as big as house garage doors. The entrance was designed so people could enter the Mall with their cars and literally park them inside the Shop. The exit was just as big, but people exited on foot. I entered the Mall on foot through the car entrance. As I walked inside I saw ABUNDANCE. Instead of shelves of products, the Mall had MOUNTAINS of food, weapons, home appliances, and toys.

This Mall had so much, I knew it was a blessing from God. The dream was long enough that I started to explore every inch of the Mall. I picked a huge watermelon from the mountain of fruits and I thought, “WOW, how the LORD has blessed these people more than other places where people have little to eat. God has given them great blessing.” As I kept walking, I passed the liquor section and noticed people in expensive clothing who were drunk, (apparently it was permitted to drink inside the establishment).

In my spirit I felt VANITY, SO MUCH VANITY! At one point in the dream, I stop walking in the middle of the store. All I do is watch the people go here and there shopping, buying frantically, not caring for anyone other than themselves. There was Vanity! Suddenly, I feel as though I am going to wake up, as though the dream is ending; it started to black out. Then I felt the LORD put me back in the dream, and the dream resumed. I saw a sentence suspended in front of me and heard that God did not want me to wake up yet, He had something to show me.

Then I am walking towards the entrance and begin to cross the path where the cars were supposed to enter. A pink motorcycle almost hits me and I get back and just stay on the edge of the path. I noticed two little girls from a nearby couple who were playing around and were about to cross the entrance path. Then out of the dark, a gray/brown van hits them, throwing them to the other side of the path. Everyone quickly runs towards them and the traffic stops. I arrive first to one of the girls.

Then I remember that I am currently taking an elective First Aid course at my university. So I start to check her for injuries and see a strain of blood coming from her mouth. Both were bruised and unconscious. Somehow I know they were either dead or dying. As the paramedics try to find their way through the commotion, then arrives the Leader of the Mall. He was an old man, maybe in his 50’s or 60’s and he was wearing a old fashioned English suit. This suit was all white and the inner shirt was pale blue. He had a lot of money, he had expensive clothing. He made his way towards the incident site and said to the people, “Everything will be fine, I will help these poor girls, we will take care of them…”. But he only thought of his wealth.

Then the Lord gave me a word of truth about this man. HE told me how much he cared for his money and how he would rather lose one person at the Mall than lose one dollar bill! That was how much he loved his money!!! Then I stand up on a platform nearby and start to tell the people the truth about this man. The crowd said good things about him and everybody thought he was like a philanthropist. The first time I spoke, I was about to end with an important fact about him, when he made distracting noises and started to talk over me. It happened three times in a row, I spoke three times and he interrupted the most important part at the end. Everytime he interrupted, he looked straight at me, as though he wanted to hurt me if I dared say those things about him.

After the third attempt, we start to argue. The argument grew stronger and more violent. As we argue, the Mall starts to “close” and people start to leave. Then we start to push each other back and forth, kind of “punching” each other. The man of the Mall somehow pins me between an ‘shelf’ and a corridor. He takes out a whip from a pile and starts to walk towards me. I hear him say: “It is Illegal for you to fight back!” The whip’s handle was like two planks of wood nailed together into the shape of a cross. But the Leader was holding it upside down on purpose, so as to “show” me whom he really affiliated himself with (the upside down cross comes from satanism).

Suddenly, instead of hitting me with the whip, he breaks the cord and throws it away. I see on the side of one of the planks of wood, the initials, the chapter, and verse of some Book from the Bible. It was printed in gold letters, and I couldn’t really see which book of the Bible it was. For some reason, I believe I saw this, “Deu. 3: 20“, (I don’t know exactly what part of the Bible it was, but this is the closest I remember).

Then, as the man of the Mall starts to walk towards me to hit me with the wooden cross, his face is transformed into a demonic ugly face. His eyes bulged outwards, his face grew in deterioration, and he began salivating. As he was almost about to hit me, I felt in the spirit an urgency to pray. I prayed: “God, protect me please, protect me!”. Then I hear the words of another old man saying, “PRAISE THE LORD, PRAISE THE LORD, PRAISE THE LORD!!!” As I heard this other voice, I was immediately transported physically in the dream to a nearby school classroom. I appeared there, sitting on a seat, and everyone in the classroom, even the teacher, looked at me like saying, “Where did this guy come from?, How did he appear here?” I vividly remember the shocked face of the teacher, whose mouth was wide open in shock and disbelief.

When I appeared in this classroom, I was looking at myself from outside my body, and I was still in the same praying position as I was before the evil man hit me. I saw that I had not realised that I had been taken out by the LORD from that place, literally. HE delivered me both physically and spiritually!!!

Interpretation from the LORD:

The Mall is America, with the blessings that the LORD has given her. The amount of food and resources that God has given to this Mall (USA) were so abundant, more than to other countries that have less resources.

The Leader of the Mall is the true leader of America, neither Trump nor Biden. There is someone whom we don’t know right now, who is the real leader of America. Trump and Biden are simply THE FACES WE SEE. This unknown man is a demonically possessed person. The crowd cheered to him in the dream, because they falsely believed that he was there to help. But he cared nothing about them.

Although God has blessed the Mall with abundant material goods, the people who went to shop filled it with vanity and forgot the blessing. The man of the Mall is simply benefiting himself from the people who are buying at this Shop and getting richer and richer.

The fact that God took me from the evil man means that Jesus will protect his own! I was talking to my mom about this and she reminded me about the occurrences in the Bible where God had physically transported people from one place to another instantly at will, (the Ethiopian eunuch and the Apostle Paul, I think they were). I strongly believe that THE LORD will do massive miracles such as this, to deliver HIS children from persecution in the last days. I believe that since we are in the end times, God will physically transport people from place to place to reach others with the Gospel and to take them out of harm’s way . Because HE can do anything. There’s NOTHING impossible to the LORD.

Some might think, why would God physically transport people from one place to another? Some may say that it is too fantastic, too imposible, or that the LORD “doesn’t operate in that way… etc…” Those who believe such must find more FAITH in HIM. UNDERSTAND that HE can do ALL THINGS!!! And when the LORD JESUS said that faith can move mountains, HE was speaking literally, literal mountains, not just obstacles or problems! I understand because we sometimes make the LORD seem human too. HE has attributes we don’t have! Why must we minimize the LORD’s power? God is a Spirit, but He also works physically too.

Thank you and God bless you guys!
from Puerto Rico (Carribean, US territory).

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