June 26, 2021 9:48 AM
Bro. John in Mo.

For the last several weeks, I have walked back and forth in my house, at times wiping tears from my eyes, and at other times feeling frustration and anger, because of the embracing of error that is in the church of Jesus Christ, and the horrible backslidden state of those whom call themselves Christians. Sadly, I am finding that most who call themselves “Christians” are Christian in name only. In the Aug. 31st 2020 edition of The Christian Post, Franklin Graham stated that “The socialist left will shut the church down.” I love Bro. Graham, but I believe that he, and many others, are flat out wrong in the belief that it is the government that is shutting down the churches. (Because of Covid19) We are in the midst of a communist takeover… but ultimately it is NOT the government that is shutting down the churches. It is GOD ALMIGHTY himself that is shutting the churches down! That’s Right. The church as a whole, with very few exceptions, is corrupt, filthy, and rotten to the core. The church of Jesus Christ is in absolute shambles…so where do we even start?

Let’s start out with the fact that probably three out of five pastors are hooked on pornography…and most behind the pulpit are not even called by God in the first’s just their career of choice, that’s why they have to download their sermons off the internet on Saturday nights. The old time hymns in many churches have mostly been replaced with modern contemporary Christian music, most of which has no real anointing, and some of it is the music of THIS WORLD, and it’s sound is like fingernails on a chalkboard to our dear Lord’s ears. Here’s how bad things are in the modern church: Just recently, I had to strongly rebuke someone who has a ministry, that is promoting laws of attraction, visualization, and vision boards…in other words, outright witchcraft! When someone who claims to be minister of the gospel doesn’t know the difference between Christianity and Witchcraft, you know that the church is more than ripe for judgement. (Covid 19 is just a little warm up, for much greater judgements that will astonish most Christians…ESPECIALLY those caught up in the pre-trib lie.) Anyone who thinks that the Lord is pleased with what goes on in the majority of the churches, is totally out of touch with reality, to say the least.

The church is filled with both homosexuals and lesbians..not only in the pew, but also in the pulpit. They STAY lesbian and homosexual IN THE PEW, because there is no Godly anointed preaching against it FROM THE PULPIT. Divorce, adultery, drugs, drinking, sexual immorality and perversion of every stripe is rampant in the modern church. You name it, and you will find it there. Pastors going out to bars, and drinking with the drunks, so they can “Win them to Christ” (No, I’m not kidding) So called watchmen, prophets, and pastors, constantly using profanity on their websites, radio programs, and behind the pulpit, and making excuses for it…thinking that the curse words that come flying out of their mouths gives them authority, and makes them appear like “Powerful Leaders” and real “Men of War.” Ichabod! O God..shut these filthy wretches down!

It used to be years ago, that Billy Graham was know as “America’s Pastor,” now its Joel Osteen. (I’m glad that his Godly deceased father, John Osteen, did not live to see what has become of his son.) Back in 2019, this miserable piece of human flotsam, (Osteen) attended the Lady Gaga LGBT celebration performance at the Apollo Theater. Mr.Smiley face, (Osteen) and his wife seemed right at home out in the audience with the perverts, and sodomites, as nearly every other word spoken on stage by Lady Gaga, and others to the cheering crowd was the “F” word. Why in the world would a true Christian in whom the Spirit of God abides, even want to be with people such as this in the first place? If I were in that building, one minute of exposure to that kind of profanity and perversion would have seemed like an eternity, and I would have been quickly looking for the nearest exit. His being at such an event made it very clear: “The tree is known by his fruit.” (Mat. 12:33) Osteen is NOT a preacher, he is a motivational speaker, and he is ashamed of Christ and the cross. Ichabod! Shut him down, Lord…shut him down!

I also noticed last year in some of the alt. media websites, that some were holding up Pastor John MacArthur as some kind of great spiritual hero, and a mighty man of God, because of his stand against the government, for the shutting down of churches because of Covid 19. Are you kidding me? This man believes that those of us that are baptized in the Holy Spirit with the evidence of speaking in other tongues, are of the devil! (He is on VERY VERY dangerous ground, it makes me tremble to even think about it.) He also believes, and has publicly said, that you can take the mark of the beast, be forgiven, and still make it to heaven. How spiritually dumb can you get? MacArthur is a deceived liar. Avoid him like the Corona Virus. (Read Romans 16:17) Ichabod. Shut him down Lord, shut him down!

If we could see into the spirit word, I would venture to say that 90% of church buildings in America have “ICHABOD” (The glory has departed) written over the doorposts, like a spiritual flashing neon sign. Shut them down Lord, shut them down! Someone may be saying…”Am I hearing this right…this fellow actually wants the Lord to shut these churches down? That’s EXACTLY what I’m saying! (And this is what has happened because of the Covid virus) But what I fear is, that these wicked churches will be the ones in the future that STAY OPEN, and the few good churches that are left, will be the ones permanently SHUTDOWN. It is ultimately God Almighty though, who is REALLY behind all of this, not Covid 19, and not the communists in the government. Don’t you think that God could be using Covid 19, and persecution by communists, to chastise his church back into holy fear and obedience? YOU BETTER BELIEVE IT!!…. and much more chastisement is on the way.

All of the fads, scams, programs, gimmicks, fog machines, lasers, witchcraft, lies, pornography, idolatry, adultery, heresy, and filthy wickedness of the modern church, is a foul stench that has been rising up into the nostrils of Almighty God for many years now. It is a stench that is a hundred times worse than that of a truck stop toilet, at 2:00 A.M., in a corrupt, inner city hell-hole, run by Democrats. Yes, a rank, run-down truck stop toilet… one that won’t flush, is probably actually CLEANER than most professing Christians in the so called church today. I have no pleasure in saying that, but I believe it to be the absolute truth.

Most of the churches in America (I’m not saying ALL of them..but MOST of them) are nothing but corrupt spiritual whorehouses… gathering places where doctrines of devils are taught. Do you really think that there any people left in these type of churches that are causing Satan’s kingdom any harm? If there ARE any left, I can assure you that the Holy Spirit is dealing with them RIGHT NOW to get out of these corrupt churches. (2 Cor.6:17) “Wherefore come out from among them, and be ye separate, saith the Lord.” It used to be that the true church had to come out from among the WORLD. But now, the true church must not only separate themselves from the WORLD, but also from most all of the CHURCHES, because they are apostate. (I left years ago) The true ones that have been giving Satan and his minions panic attacks, and are presently terrorizing the gates of hell, are the “Hidden Ones.” They have quit “Churchianity,” and walked out of these churches of filth years ago, and it was the Lord himself who led them out!

For a long time now, the Lord has been building a hidden underground army, an army that has spent years in the school of silence.. in the secret place, learning the message of the cross. Undergoing many hardships, health problems, afflictions, purging, brokenness, chastisements, loss of family, friends, finances, etc. God has wounded some of us…but those same loving hands that have wounded us, shall also bind us up, heal us, and make us whole. He doth not afflict willingly. (Lam. 3:3) He only wounds us for a reason.. and for a season. It’s in order to motivate us to get rid of the sins that so easily beset us, and to make us free from the bondage of Egypt…to be made free.. in true liberation from sin, by putting our faith exclusively in the shed blood of Jesus Christ our Lord. Not by putting our faith in what we do, (Good things) or things that we don’t do. (Sinful actions) It MUST be faith centered in the proper object, the finished work of Christ on the cross..”It is finished.” (John 19:30)

There lies our victory, putting our faith in what HE did, not faith in what WE do, or DON”T do! When your faith is placed in the proper object, (The finished work of Christ) the Holy Spirit will then mightily go to work, uprooting these sins out of your life. Anything and everything that is done by God, is done by his Spirit, but your faith must be correct BEFORE the Holy Spirit will begin this work. Once you begin learning the message of the cross, the sins that once gave you tremendous problems, will one by one fall off, and trouble you no more…if your faith is centered in the proper object, (The Cross of Christ.) Of course, the trials and temptations will always be with us, but victory over sin will come, if you stay the course, and do not quit. Jesus Christ’s victory, is OUR victory… to those who believe! This is the old-time message that the church desperately needs, and MUST come back to…because no other way is acceptable to the Lord.

I’m telling you the truth, Hell itself is literally trembling, and quaking in fear, at what God is now doing in the secret place. (Out of the churches) I’m talking about those who have drawn the line with their sins, and have said: That’s it Devil..I’ve had enough!…This time, I’m going all the way with Jesus, and there is nothing you can do about it! It’s God’s hidden army, who are at this present time walking in obedience, and under the power and anointing of the Holy Spirit, that is sending chills of panic down Satan’s back. It’s those of us whom God has led OUT of the churches, (Some of us many years ago) who have been, and even now are being purged, refined, and wounded by God’s own loving hand, that are a HUGE threat to Satan. Most of those still in the churches (Not all.but most of them) are no threat to the kingdom of darkness at all. God does his best work undercover, and that is what he is doing now… training an elite brigade of spiritual warfare veterans. Many of us will be coming out of our caves in God’s perfect timing, in the spirit and power of Elijah, but very much humbled… and with a limp, like Jacob.

In other words, many of us in this hidden army have wrestled with God, and we have gotten the message…(OUCH!) that God is not going to allow ANY sin, and ANY compromise in the lives of his remnant church of these last days. If He has to take some of us out behind the woodshed, and leave some deep marks of chastisement on us, or even grind us into powder, then that’s EXACTLY what he is going to do. Don’t ever think that everything bad that is afflicting you is of the Devil! God most definitely is purging his church at this late hour. (Some of us know all about this subject, right?..can I have an Amen?) But, we know from the book of Job, that in regard to Satan, he must first receive permission from the Lord to afflict a child of God in any way. So in other words, what ever it is that we are going through, it must first be filtered through God’s hand. Nothing can come against us, except that which either God has caused, or allowed. But one thing is for sure about those of us who have been going through years of intense training in God’s elite spiritual warfare division: We are hidden, we have been humbled, and we have learned (and are still learning) to walk in obedience to the Lord.

Governments can not shut down any church, without the Lord either causing it or allowing it. Nations and governments may rule over men, but God overrules all nations, all governments, and all men! The shaking of nations, governments, and the lives of all that dwell on the face of the earth has now started, and it will not stop until the King of Kings has planted his feet once more on this earth. Most people that are in the church, are NOT his true church, and have never belonged to the Lord in the first place. Jesus said in Mathew 15:13, “Every plant, which my heavenly Father hath not planted, shall be rooted up.” Oh, yes friends…there is a lot of uprooting that is about to take place by the hands of the Lord God Almighty. Some might say: “The moral state of any nation, is a reflection of the people that dwell in that nation.” WRONG!! The moral state of any nation is a reflection of THE CHURCH that dwells in that nation, and the state of the modern church in THIS nation (The U.S.) has been weighed in the balances and found wanting. The state of this present day church makes our Lord want to vomit most of us out of his mouth.(Rev.3:16) The church as a whole, is in complete and absolute shambles!

But God has a remedy to get rid of the dead wood in his church, and to purge and refine those that remain…it’s called GREAT TRIBULATION. Get the message? If not, you will very soon, when Chinese and Russian nuclear warheads take out the first twenty or so U.S. cities. If you are Pre-trib, and you survive the initial attack, you will not be curling up in bed that night with your precious “Left Behind” books. You had better take an interest in the word of God, and quit putting “rapture” fables into your mind. (But keep all of your Left Behind toilet paper will be very scarce during this time period.) All teachers give tests. And it’s now time to cram for finals in the word of God, because our master, THE TEACHER has a TEST that he is about to give us all very soon. The great time of testing is nearly upon us all now. It will be the hardest test that any of us has ever taken, many will fail, and few will pass. It’s called GREAT TRIBULATION. It’s the testing of our faith Faith must be tested, and great faith must be tested greatly.

Jesus said in Luke 15:34-35: “Salt is good: but if the salt have lost his savour , wherewith shall it be seasoned? It is neither fit for the land, nor yet for the dunghill; but men cast it out. He that hath ears to hear, let him hear.” The entire moral state of the church as a whole has completely lost its savour, it is wretched, miserable, poor, blind, and naked. Shut them down Lord, Shut them down! In the coming months watch for many church buildings to lock their doors, (both good, and bad churches) board up their windows, and default on their bank loans, due to a lack of funds. We are about to enter the worst economic, political, moral, and spiritual hell on earth that this world has ever seen, because the end of all things is at hand. So.. just what time is it prophetically? “Little children, it is the last time.” (1John2:18) That’s what time it is.

One thing is for sure, much of the corruption in the church is due to its money-mad leaders in the so called “Word of Faith” teaching. These well known, wicked multi-millionaires who have fleeced the flock with their “Name it, and claim it” methods, are a stench in the nostrils of God. Watch for some of these big name millionaires, leading these mega-churches, to leave the planet shortly. There is a lot of dead wood and rotten branches in the body of Christ, that the Lord is about to put into a pile, and strike a match to shortly. As I have said before…there has never been a problem in the church, that the Lord could not solve, by arranging a few “good” funerals…and sadly, we need quite a few of them. Those that replace the dead wood, will be the REAL DEAL. Real men and women of God are coming, and they are going to terrorize hell to the extent that Satan will have to repeatedly dial “911” for emergency back up assistance.

I have been hearing the following statements for years now: “Read the book of Acts, and get ready” “A mighty move of God is coming.” “This present day church should have the earmarks of the early church in the book of Acts.” These statements are 100% true, and the Lord has shown me through visions, and through words of wisdom, that there will be one final mighty move of the Holy Spirit. But most of the people that casually make these statements, are not spiritually, or physically prepared to endure what is about to happen in order to bring about this move of the Holy Spirit. This mighty move of the Holy Spirit, and the time of great tribulation, will happen both exactly at the same time! It is GREAT TRIBULATION, that will begin this move of the Holy Spirit. The big problem is, most of the church is caught up into the lies of the secret pre-trib. rapture doctrine.

Mark my words..those caught up in this lie, are about to have a “Come to Jesus Moment” very soon…a real crash course in weeping and howling is coming, when Jesus does not show up BEFORE the tribulation starts. He is coming back exactly AS he said, and WHEN he said. (Mat.24:29-30) “Immediately AFTER the tribulation of those days.” What part of the word “After” do you not understand? And no..Jesus was NOT speaking about the Jews in Mat.24…that they are the ones that go through great tribulation, and the church secretly goes to heaven with Jesus. Everyone alive on the earth during this period of time, goes through this time of affliction. He was speaking privately to his disciples, (the early church) warning them (and us) what things WE would have to endure before his second coming. The only way you can misunderstand this, is by putting your faith in the words of deceived preachers, rather than believing the words that came out of the mouth of God himself.

Do you REALLY want the earmarks of the early church? Well, get ready… because you are about to SEE the earmarks of the early church! (One should be very careful for what they ask for, because God does answer prayer.) Intense persecution and martyrdom..anyone? (Acts 8:1) How about great dearth? (Acts 11:28) Destitution, bibles outlawed, wars, great earthquakes, scarcity of family, friends, employment, money, food, medicine, all needed items, absolute famine and great hunger, living out in the wilderness on the run… for rejecting the mark of the beast, and being hunted down like a criminal for the name of Jesus. Any takers? Welcome to the future TRUE CHURCH of the end times…where the REAL move of God will be.

Still interested? Someone may say, “But..where’s the Rapture at?” It’s in your deceived mind, that’s where it’s at. And it was put there by deceived men, and because you believed the lies of deceived men, and what they have told you, and you have NOT believed what the Lord HIMSELF has told you in his word…you are about to see things, that you were told that you would NEVER see. The Lord Jesus said in (Mat.24:2) concerning his coming: “Take heed that no MAN deceive you.” He DIDN’T say “Take heed that my WORD doesn’t deceive you” did he? (Church…you had better think long, and hard on that statement) Which one are you going believe? The words of men, or what God’s word says? Friends…you in the pre-trib camp had better shake yourself, and snap out of it. You have been warned!

The TRUE church, the called out ones…will be meeting secretly in homes, fields, woods, deserts, caves, swamps, etc. There will be things happening in the supernatural realm of the Spirit, that we have NEVER ..EVER seen before.. things that have not happened in over two thousand years. True healing miracles that no one, even unbelievers, will be able to deny. For those that are truly destitute out in the wilderness, watch for God to send a daily provision of manna again, just like in the book of Exodus. (Mal.3:6 “For I am the Lord, I change not.”) Many will be saved, and baptized in the Holy Spirit. I am absolutely convinced that this is why many of us have been on the backside of the desert for so long, hidden alone with God in the secret place. God has allowed some of us to go through our own “Personal Tribulation,” so that we will be battle hardened enough to minister to others, through the soon coming Great Tribulation! Many of us have been severely chastised, bruised, broken and purged, but it is all been done in love, for a reason, from the Master’s loving hands.

There is no doubt in my mind, that there will still be many apostate churches open, and in these churches a counterfeit revival will be going on, with great signs and wonders taking place…healing, and demonic manifestations that many will falsely think is of God. Those of us who TRULY know the Lord, will be able to tell the difference from the TRUE, and FALSE manifestations, and we must warn, and train the babes in Christ during this particular time, giving them pure milk, and sound biblical doctrine.

I believe that it would be wise to immediately begin stockpiling KJV, and possibly even NASB bibles by the case right now. You may also want to get a copy of the 1560, or 1599 Geneva Bible, the 1537 Matthew’s Bible, and any of the ancient Bibles prior to the 1611 King James, while you still can. All of these Bible items will probably be outlawed in the very near future. I love checking the King James translation with the Geneva, and the 1537 Matthew’s Bible… but my daily reading, and study, is always in the good old King James. (This is just me, and my opinion, but I believe all the modern Bible translations are worthless…I neither trust them, own them, or recommend them…with the exception of the is good for new converts, and a very literal Bible, in some places, even more literal than the KJV ) Get them while you still can. Convert some of your soon to be worthless cash into Bibles by the case. Also purchase extra hard copies of Greek/Hebrew Bible Dictionaries, extra Strong’s Concordances… trusted, conservative, old time commentaries by Matthew Henry, Mathew Poole, Charles Spurgeon, etc. We are going to have a lot of new babes in Christ to train up shortly…and we need to train them up the RIGHT way. As for me, I intend to lead others down the “old path,” spoken of in Jeremiah 6:16.

If you think there are shortages of things now, wait until war breaks out here in the U.S. Build up your biblical survival library right now, because when the grid, and the internet go down, you will not be able to do Bible research online, so get all of the Bibles, and trusted godly biblical reading/reference material that you can. We may be shut inside our homes for many months at a time in the days ahead, because of war, national emergency, disasters, epidemics, etc. (Isaiah 26:20 “Come, my people, enter into thy chambers, and shut thy doors about thee: hide thyself as it were for a little moment, until the indignation be overpast.”) I’m assuming that you already have food, water and all other needed supplies ALREADY stored. If you do not, then you should obviously do this FIRST, and stockpile Bibles, etc. SECOND. Noah built his ark while the sun was still shining, go and do ye likewise.

The Lord spoke to me back in early 2020, that the Covid 19 shut down (and the shut down of churches) was a “dress rehearsal,” and a “dry run” for that which is to come. (Including war) Sadly, as I said before, I truly believe in the months ahead, that the churches that truly need to be shut down, (the apostate churches) will STAY OPEN, and the very few good ones left, (the true remnant churches) that need to stay open, will be the ones SHUT DOWN. Jesus warned his church that tribulation, and persecution were coming…God is ultimately the one behind this, in order to refine and purge his true remnant, and make them white and pure, without spot or wrinkle. In the months ahead, probably the only churches that will be allowed to stay open will be state run churches, approved by the government. (like in China) These will consist of those that are pro-homosexual, pro-LGBT, pro-abortion, those that deny the virgin birth of Christ, and deny the second coming of Christ, etc. The true church will have to go underground, and flee into the wilderness as spoken of in Revelation Chapter 12.

In the days and months ahead, as you hear of more and more good churches closing, do NOT get depressed by this and think: “It’s all over…Satan is winning the battle.” No friends, Satan is not winning anything… except an all expense paid trip to the lake of fire. God has already won the battle! As the late David Wilkerson used to say: “GOD HAS EVERYTHING UNDER CONTROL” Those five little words have brought me a lot of comfort over the years. I believe that the good churches (The buildings) will be shut down in the future… but the TRUE church of Jesus Christ (His people) will NEVER be shut down, and the gates of hell shall not prevail against it. (Mat.16:18) The TRUE church is not a building, it is a people…God’s Holy people! The next time you hear of a church shutting it’s doors, just remember that nothing can truly happen without God either causing it, or allowing it. Just think of it as God taking out the pruning shears and getting rid of some more dead branches, it will ultimately result in the tree being much stronger, healthier, and bearing much more fruit.

The REAL true remnant church of the giant killers is hidden. We are strong, we walk in obedience to Christ, and we know how to pray. Persecution will only make the real church grow larger, and stronger, it always has, and it always will. I remember a song from years ago that said: “We are the remnant and we must go…they will stone us and burn us, but we’ll just grow..many before us have died for him…we are the remnant we’re back again.” Yes, we are back again. We are strong..we are hidden, our swords are razor sharp, and when our commander in chief says: ARISE!! ATTACK!!…the spiritual teeth, hair, and eyeballs of our enemies are going to be laying all over the place. Church…please hear me, and mark my words: Satan and his minions are about to have some VERY…and I do mean VERY bad days, and nights ahead of them, coming from the razor sharp swords of God’s anointed hidden army. Believe it. Receive it. May the Lord Jesus strengthen, anoint, prepare, and encourage you with this word, as we march into this end-time spiritual battle together, as good soldiers of Jesus Christ. (Joel 3:10) Let the weak say, I am strong! Maranatha!

Bro. John in Mo.


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