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The True Church

April, 5 2021 8:59 AM
Justice Tsugumi

4-4-2021 I had a dream where I attended several Church services.

In one the Preacher Promoted The Jab as their Lord and savior. I knew This one was false, corrupt and beyond defiled . I avoided this building in search for Truth. I discovered a few others I knew Taught truth.They upheld Jesus teachings and knew he was the ultimate healer and way to salvation. However things changed once the Government stopped its fundings. The Church was stripped of its wealth until suddenly everyone inside this Church agreed to conform to its Community standards by promoting the V-SIN/Jab.

I was in utter shock to witness how quickly this church changed its teachings of Sound Doctrines.

Lastly I found another smaller church where its Deacon still stood firm against all the odds. But only until their good name was being slandered by public News broadcasts with stories trying to discredit their teachings. I felt the Preachers pain and struggles all the way until he lost not only his church’s fundings and support but his families food supplies and home. Thats when he broke down and once again complied along side the other false Churches preaching the same deception of how the higher authority of mans governments and Science should be trusted above God.

I knew then who the only True Church was . It was no longer found inside any building nor within a specific denomination. I saw street Preachers , everyday people sharing the Gospel among themselves in one accord. « The Scripture they read was Matthew 24:13

But he that shall endure unto the end, the same shall be saved. »

I had no doubt that these were Gods true Remnants, This was his Church ,the true Bride of Christ. They had no place to lay their heads,no money no way of knowing where their next meals would come from. But they had the one thing needed to endure to the end.

Faith to trust in Jesus alone!

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