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The tribulation is about to start – John McAteer


The tribulation is about to start

April 17, 2023 8:51 AM
John McAteer

Dear friend in Christ

I would greatly appreciate any comments on the following dream.

I had a dream this morning. I am walking outside and decide to go into a church to pray. I find a quiet side aisle and sit there. People come in for a daily mass. They all stand up at the start when the priest comes in. I stay seated. When they all sit down I can see that the priest is a woman. Then I look to my right and there is a nun standing there. She is in a traditional old nuns costume fully covered except for her face. She says “There has been no evangelical move here”. She now has no head covering. When I turn around I see the female priest. Behind her is a picture on the wall of the head of a woman with a fancy hair do. Then I heard: “There will be no Christmas”. “The tribulation is about to start”. “Do not fear”.


John McAteer


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