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The Timing of the End – LynL

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The Timing of the End

June 22, 2023 10:37 AM


None know the day or hour, but there are events that will happen in a certain order.
You will see continued weather patterns getting worse upon your planet. Each few months will be a step towards more earthquakes, volcanoes, wind speed, heavy rains, larger hail and tornadoes. Civil unrest will get progressively worse. Truths that have been hidden will become more apparent. More plagues, as well as deadlier ones, will plague your Earth. Darkness will cover the Earth as new celestial bodies litter the sky.

Healings and deliverances will be part of the wake-up call to the masses who know me not. My love will go out far and wide and bring many to salvation. Changes will progressively get worse upon Earth until the Tribulation is completed. Many losses of lives will be felt due to plagues, earth changes, wars, unrest, lack of food and shelter problems.

It is imperative to stay away from sin. Repent daily, read my word, pray and always make time for me. The closer you get to my Kingdom, the easier it will become. I protect my obedient children.

Photos courtesy Depositphotos


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