The Time to choose whom you will Serve is NOW! – Michelle Willick

Michelle Willick

October 31, 2018

*This word was given to me this morning! Please share with whoever needs to be Warned!

Many are Called but few are Chosen. Trust me many “think” they’ll be delivered from the holocaust that is coming to Earth but are deceived!
Yeshua is coming for a pure and holy (set apart) people. They are the remnant not the Church. Many Christians are going to be surprised at WHY they were left behind?
And the Son of Man will say I Knew You not!
You thought you were safe in your Lukewarm state of false Grace but you had many other Loves besides Me. You were still in bed with the World. I’m Coming Back for a pure virgin Bride who had NO other Loves but Me.
You adulterous people who still love the World and yet have the arrogance to say Your mine? The Church has deceived you and you are still romancing the things of this World! You still enjoy her pleasures!
Come Out of Her….
Time to Wake Up and run from the things you’ve embraced! Time to shun all evil; the Lust of the Eyes, Lust of the Flesh and Prides of Life.
I Am a jealous God I will have No others before me…. the Time to choose whom you will Serve is NOW!


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