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October 4, 2021 10:37 PM
Nikki Ramirez

Hello Brothers and Sisters in Christ,

I recieved a word from the Lord today. I was lead to share it immediately. Please take this to the Lord for confirmation. Please repent, and seek him while there is still time. All praise, honor, and glory to our Savior Yeshua Hamasiach.

October 4, 2021

My beloved’s the time has come, the time of the beast. Please prepare your mind, body, and most importantly Soul. Remember in my last message through this messenger, I said the enemy seeks to steal, kill, and destroy. What I mean by that is he seeks to steal your Soul from me, kill your connection to your creator, and ultimately destroy you in the lake of fire. Do not let him decieve you any longer, for everything that has been written will come to pass. My Word will not return to me void. Prepare yourselves my remnant, because it is going to get very hard from here on out. I say this will all my authority DO NOT GET THE VACCINES (COVID), BOOSTERS, OR MICROCHIP. Once you allow this abomination into your body, it is like allowing the enemy to step into your house. Once he there he doesn’t want to leave. Please take heed, because once you give your compliance (mind and free will) and your body (my creation) over to him to complete “The Process”, you will be lost to me forever. The reason is you sought to save your life here on earth, instead of truly seeking me and reading my Word which warns of this deception. You never sought me and supped with me. You relied on man’s interpretation and deception. Now is the time to truly seek me, while there is still little time left. As the year and time progresses, things will get much worse, and harder for my own. You will lose your jobs, money, food, and homes. But if you seek me and have faith in me, I will provide and make a way for you. You must trust me. We are almost to the end, endure my precious ones because what awaits you is so much more than you can imagine. What my true remnant has done and will do soon, makes me so truly joyous. You my precious ones have figured out the mystery of life. The way I laid down my life for you, you must do the same, but remember I am always with you. You are so loved, and will be with me oh so soon. Things are going to accelerate now, judgments falling one after another. Pray for my peace to abide in you. I love you my precious ones. Perservere to the end!


Your Messiah
Yeshua Hamasiach
Remember there is power in my name

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