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The Time of Calamities – Whitney Eslick Manuel

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The Time of Calamities

August 14, 2023 3:07 AM
Whitney Eslick Manuel

Given On August 13, 2023 Around 1pm

“I want you to write again. This is for everyone. Today, today marks the start of a most tumultuous time— The Time of Calamities. Without end and without break will the great calamities ensue until the Glorious Kingdom comes and rules. My Kingdom will obliterate all man’s governments and forever fashion the end of man’s power and rulership on the earth apart from Me, JESUS the LORD of all. Over and above every name, My FATHER granted Me My Name above all names and with My Name and in this authority I will rule My Kingdom with My Beloved Bride. All will be different then and showcase the goodness of My FATHER. His plan and His love for mankind was foremost in all creation. His divine plan will not fail, but will be put on display once again as a forever living testament of His goodness and His kindness, and His amazing grace. It is by His grace that you are saved. It was not of yourself as many have come to wrongly suppose in pride. Put to death all pride and self-righteous arrogance and beg for mercy and humility so that you may receive forgiveness and grace before My coming for My Bride. Without humility you will not stand in the judgment. Repent and receive My grace and mercy. My love stands ready to receive all who will come to Me in these last seconds before the change commences.”

Photos courtesy Depositphotos


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