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“THE TIME IS SURELY COMING!!!” – Marty Breeden

Marty Breeden

May 31, 2018


One of these days,… in the very near future and it’s going to happen SUDDENLY!!!

You’re going to call 911 Emergency Communications Center,and…..
You’re going to need the police to respond as soon as possible…. and THEY’RE NOT GOING TO BE THERE!!

You’re going to need EMS providers and the Rescue Squad and Doctors and nurses, BUT … THEY’RE NOT GOING TO BE THERE!!!

You’re going to need Transportation BUT, …. it’s NOT going to be there!
You’re going to need to communicate, BUT IT’S NOT going to be there!!
You’re going to need food, water, groceries medicines and it WILL NOT be there!!!

I’m telling you this I know this for a fact !!
All of these people that are currently serving in these positions INCLUDING the Military,…. are going to go home to their families to help THEIR OWN family survive because it’s about ready to REALLY HIT THE FAN!!

2 Highly possible scenarios WILL be the “Cause and Effect” of this but there are others:

1.) Either natural or man-made disasters will strike with such intensity, that ALL
First Responders will be FAR TOO busy to serve and save everyone,…. this is coming!

2.) There will be a cataclysmic event, possibly terrorism, possibly a pandemic or chemical attack that things will shut down SO FAST, and chaos and desperation will so set in upon the people that widespread panic will hit the general public and desperate hungry people are capable of ANYTHING!
THIS will force the Military, the Police, ALL lines of Defense to forsake their post to return to their own homes!!

In FACT….its already happening during some of these recent storms!!!
It’s already being discussed with contingency plans to save Highest Governmental Officials….I KNOW this for an absolute FACT!!
We already see First Responders are often overwhelmed and understaffed and exhausted.

SOOO….there will be no one left to intervene for you ,except you and those you align yourself with!!!!

Mark it down,… this is truth!!!
I’m telling you that “SUDDENLY, IN ONE HOUR, EVERYTHING IS GOING TO CHANGE!!!” (Just as foretold by Dear Brother David Wilkerson)

Prepare NOW my friends! I’m NOT ” fear mongering” I’m telling you ahead of time to gather items to sustain yourself and your family as best you can!!
This is a matter of “WHEN” and not “IF”!!

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  1. Kat Boul

    This is truly a Word from God!!

  2. Marty, I had heard you say you’d been a police officer. Now I can tell you recently retired. Good for you. I just retired after 25 years with a Sheriff’s Office here in the Pacific NW. I agree 100% that police, fire, etc. will want to be with their families when things hit the fan. I had thought about that a lot the past few years and had no doubt in my mind. My family is more important and needs me more. So many people don’t appreciate the police until they really need them, but my main reason was just concern for my little family.
    I’ve been reading several of your dreams/visions today and would love to communicate some time. (No, I don’t have any insight into the future or your dreams.) When I heard you had also retired I thought I wanted to reach out to you. My email is below if you have time some day. God bless and thanks for posting these dreams. They really help keep us going and keep us preparing for what is coming.

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