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Aug 8, 2020, 4:23 AM

Hi brothers and sisters in Christ. Im sharing a dream I had last night 8/8/2020

In the dream I entered a classroom and the teacher was already in. It was a high school class and I could tell because I recognized some old faces from the past. So I sat down at the back of the class and I was wearing a hood over my head. As he was teaching he started moving to back of the class and he asked if anyone would like to go up to write the answer on the board, it was an English language lesson. I was trying hard to hide myself but he saw me and he threw a piece of white chalk at my head as if he had picked me. Surprisingly my big brother called Joel went up to write the answer on the board. But I don’t remember what he wrote exactly. After my skin starting turning a different color, like a glittery purple color that keeps on changing to other shades. My body started to hurt it was painful I immediately run out of the classroom.

So on my way back home through town, it was evening time and already dark out. But I noticed the moon was different, it had veins on it like a body organ. And at the bottom it appeared as if it had a puncture, so of like how a metallic surface looks when a bullet goes through it. And out of the hole on the moon came out a swarm of bats that were covering the night sky. Everybody saw it and it was all over the news, people from work stood outside to watch.

After seeing this I rushed home and got a piece of paper and pencil and started drawing what I saw. But this time I didn’t draw bats, I drew three angels hovering next to the moon. The sky was partly red above and partly white below. Of the three, two dark colored angels were in the foreground close together and one was at the back. Now the angel that was at the back was white in appearance and mighty and was hovering over the moon and he was their leader. The end.

Dear brothers and sisters, I think this is a sign of the blood moon and the angel from the bottomless pit Abaddon written about in revelations 9.
I also got the words “the time is near” while I was sleeping earlier the same night.

May God the Father be with us all, amen.



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