“The time is here. Destruction is coming” – Angela Heidebrecht

Angela Heidebrecht

April 14, 2018

During prayer today these are the words that were spoken.

The time is here. Destruction is coming. Today now not tomorrow. Prepare Focus on me. People will be getting on their knees and crying out. Get your house in order. I come quickly. Are you ready are you prepared. Judgement is here America has rebelled and rebelled. The time is now to repent. They will be lots of people left behind because their garments are stained. My fury will be seen in America. America needs to wake up.

Than I was told to post this and warn my people. For 3 days before the elispe he was warning me about bad things coming to America and to cling to him that it was going to get very rough.

This is also things that he has told me During other times praying.

Things will happen at the appropriate time. It will be the darkest time ever seen on earth.I will be the only light to get you thru. It will be soon very soon.
Keep looking up and keep your eyes upon me. Stay in my word and tell people about me. I am going to deal with the wicked and unbelievers and get my bride ready. I come quickly.
Get your house in order. Warn my people now so when it happens they know it was I. Several people will be left because their garments are stained. People will be getting on knees crying out. Prepare cling to me I will be the only way to get you thru. I am coming very very soon. Tell people about me there are alot of lost people that need to hear about me. Let go of the earthly things. You will not need them. They will do you no good. Focus on me. Events will happen America will be changed. America has let do much sin in. They do not worship me any more. They have turned their backs on me. Many do not pray or even think about me. Stop worry about tomorrow and focus on me. It is not at the door it is thru it. Things will happen very fast prepare Things are going to get very very rough. Alot of people are falling away. People are beleiving fables


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