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The time has come! – Victoria Fitzpatrick

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The time has come!

July 2, 2024 9:12 PM
Victoria Fitzpatrick

Received 30/09/23 at 1.21am

“The time has come! Be ready & alert & see my Hand at work! Many will cry out to me at the midnight hour but they will not be heard.
No eye has seen nor ears heard what is to come. Be watchful & you will find rest. I will never leave you or forsake you.
I Am the end of all things & I have spoken.”

A second Word given 27/12/23 at 11.50pm ( note: 2+5=7 the number of completion!)

“This is the hour of your salvation.
I am calling all people to myself before the great & terrible Dsy of the Lord begins.
Tell them I love them! It is not too late. Forgiveness is here for the taking. Turn while there is still time.
A moment, a twinkling of a Ruth & it will be time.
The Beginning & the End, the Alpha & Omega has spoken.”

Victoria Fitzpatrick in Australia.

Photos courtesy Depositphotos


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