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The Time Has Come for Me to Judge America – Sister Devin

Received to Sister Devin
August 16th, 2018

The Time Has Come for Me to Judge America

“Daughter, just know the time has come for Me to judge the United States. There will be massive destruction. You will see massive destruction, but it will not touch you, for you have heeded My words in obedience. This nation is wrought. This nation is an ABOMINATION before My eyes. I AM a Holy God, I AM a Righteous God. I AM a God of great mercy yet My children choose destruction. They will see destruction, while I hold My beloveds safely in My arms. You made the choice. You choose death not life. You will soon see death. You My children will soon see persecution. You will soon see leaders that you abhor put you into prison. But this will not last. My trumpet will sound and you will vanish right before their eyes. You will be changed in an instant and they will know that I AM THE LORD THY GOD. They will know that God Almighty is the King of kings and Lord of lords. They will run to their nearest churches weeping in confusion mourning for their lost family member, their missing children, praying to their gods without eyes or ears to see or hear asking why. “Why this has happened” in complete disbelief, in complete dismay. As if to say “Why isn’t our God helping us?” Scrambling to find My Holy Bible. Scrambling to find one of My prophets or servants they crossed paths with and rejected. I gave you plenty of time, I gave you plenty of My patience. I gave you Love and you scoffed and mocked My Name. Now you will see who runs this world. You will be in darkness. You will be in pain. You will suffer because you did not know Me, thus saith THE LORD THY GOD. Your Maker, the Creator of ALL things. The Creator of Heaven and Earth, the Ruler of the universe. Yeshua HaMashiach, the ONLY Begotten Son of the true Living God. That is All. Your Lord and Savior has spoken.”

The Lord gave Revelation 6:17

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