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The Three Days of Darkness

April 3, 2021 4:13 PM

I have been studying on the Three Days of Darkness for some time now. Those of God’s messengers who have been prophesying on this event look to Amos 8:9-10 as a passage of scripture that points to the Three Days of Darkness and it’s timing…

9 ‘”And it shall come to pass in that day,” says the Lord GOD. “That I will make the sun go down at noon, and I will darken the earth in broad daylight; 10 I will turn your feasts into mourning, and all your songs into lamentation; I will bring sackcloth on every waist, and baldness on every head; I will make it like mourning for an only son, and it’s end like a bitter day.”‘

Recent prophecies have speculated the Three Days event will happen at Easter or Resurrection Sunday which is during the Passover season although no year is given. (I had guessed Christmas Day or Easter Sunday). Many of the elements appear to be in place – the planet Nibiru (the Destroyer) has already been sighted and there are grand cosmic displays seen across the globe but note that God alone is sovereign and He alone determines when this event will occur. As always we should be prepared for anything and continue to pray vigilantly for our loved ones and for the lost.

On a final note, as I was researching the Three Days of Darkness I came across an interesting You Tube video from MrMBB333‘s site titled ‘SOMETHING seems to have changed! This NEVER used to be there! 4.1.21. The video shows the image of a ‘black dot’ that appeared recently on camera footage that appears to be blocking sunlight. As I stated earlier, many of the anomalies are present but we wait upon God’s perfect will and upon His perfect timing.

This is the first of two messages I was given by the Holy Spirit 4.2.21 which I believe points to the planet Nibiru and the ensuing darkness.

Daughter it is coming. Mankind has strayed from Me and from My Word. I died that you might live. Now something is coming which will literally turn your world upside down. I have sent warnings to prepare the earth for a shutdown – a metamorphosis, a change, unexpected, supernatural larger than life, devastating, destructive loss of life. (Then I heard mercy, repentance, sorrow). Come to Me and repent for the sins of the world.

Judgment is coming and it has a name. My avenger cometh like a comet stealthily streaking across the sky. Behold I do a new thing! Behold look to the skies for your redemption draweth nigh! Look to the heavens where I have placed markers for those who have eyes to see. What is about to take place soon will devastate the world but will bring about the greatest harvest, the greatest revival in history. Look to the skies! Watch what I do! Behold a new thing comes! Behold the earth will shake and quake and crumble! The Destroyer is here ready to do My bidding.

Like a heat seeking missile My hand will utilize this My weapon of choice. Rejoice saints for your redemption draweth nigh! Look to the heavens – the earth, sea and sky – even the animals know something is amiss. There will be a purging taking place to renew and restore. My children will come out of this as shining jewels with new power and manifestations appearing on the earth.

He is Risen

This is the second message I was given later that same day.

Daughter it is coming – disaster, destruction of mega proportions inbound to your earth. There is a planetary object on a trajectory aimed directly towards your planet. This star was designed to bring down the nations through the destruction of the planetary systems. It is coming. It is here. Soon My mighty hand will release this planetary star to bring about the demise of the evil and the wicked of which there are many. I have told you to repent for the sins of the nations and the world but to little avail. It is coming. It comes. It is here bringing with it a trail of cosmic objects that will soon enter your earth’s atmosphere. I do My work according to the seasons and the Holy days which I have bestowed upon My people. These are the time frames that I utilize to bring about the destruction of the world. Know that My desire is that none perish but many have not turned to Me and many do not know My name.






Prepare yourselves, your hearts and homes for what is out there. The demonic will be released for their hour of destruction is here. Stay close to Me in My Word. Spend time in the secret place with Me. I will be your shelter in the coming trials. The hour of darkness is upon you. Rise up oh saints of the Most High. Your hour of redemption draweth nigh!

He is Risen as He said

Amen Amen I say to you

Repent for the Kingdom of heaven is at hand


I come


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